Who is Ringmaster on The Masked Singer: Breaking down the clues

Ringmaster on The Masked Singer
Ringmaster on The Masked Singer. Pic credit: Fox

The Masked Singer has switched things up this year and it doesn’t leave fans much of a chance to figure out who is in the costumes.

Instead of singers lasting weeks throughout the season while fans guess, the show has released five at a time and then started eliminating them.

The first five already showed up and there is only one left, without anyone really guessing the identities before four of them were unmasked and went home.

In Week 4, the next five were introduced and already one has gone home.

That leaves four out of this batch, with one going home next week and two the following week.

As long as she lasts, here is what we know about Ringmaster on The Masked Singer.

Ringmaster on The Masked Singer

Ringmaster showed up in the new group, competing with Lemur, Three-Headed Hydra, Armadillo, Lemur, and Miss Teddy.

Lemur was unmasked as Christie Brinkley.

But, who is Ringmaster on The Masked Singer?

Here are the clues so far, all released in the last episode since the character was not shown on the sneak peek.

Ringmaster wore a large top hat and extravagant circus tent dress. She wore Miley Cyrus’s The Climb.

The clue package included a driver’s license from California, Miley Cyrus on the backdrop of the state of Montana, a tic tac toe board with an “X” in the middle, and a bottle of alcohol with “Sweet Southern” written on it.

Who is Ringmaster on The Masked Singer?

Who The Masked Singer remains a puzzling question.

The Miley Cyrus image has to have something to do with Hannah Montana. The costume makes some people think it could have something to do with the movie The Greatest Showman, but usually, the costume is only a red herring.

However, there is a chance this could be Zendaya. She was in The Greatest Showman and she had a connection with the Disney Channel, just like Miley Cyrus did.

Plus, Zendaya is a great singer and so was Ringmaster.

The panelists gave their usual wild and almost always wrong guesses.

Nicole Scherzinger guessed that it could be Olivia Rodrigo. She also got her start on Disney Channel and is from California. Plus, she has a hit called Driver’s License.

Other guesses include names like Gabby Barrett, Britney Spears, Victoria Justice, and Nicole Kidman.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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