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The Masked Singer reveals the new five contestants for Episode 4

The Masked Singer's Week 4 contestants
The Masked Singer’s Week 4 contestants. Pic credit: Fox

When The Masked Singer premiered this year for its seventh season, fans were not aware of how the show would work.

Things changed with three groups of singers – the Good, the Bad, and the Cuddly.

Last season, the groups competed against each other and alternated weeks leading up to the finale.

However, in Week 1, it was five singers from different groups, and then they kept going until only one was left after Week 3.

That means it is time to meet five new singers tonight.

Who is competing tonight on The Masked Singer?

Tonight will see a new group of five, with two from Team Good, two from Team Cuddly, and only one from Team Bad.

The Team Bad member is Three-Headed Hydra, which has already gained some notoriety when the costume had an incident that required stagehands to save the singers from catastrophe.

That is right. There look to be three singers in Three-Headed Hydra, another group on the show.

For Team Good, it is Armadillo and Ringmaster.

All three of those contestants were absent from the sneak peek that introduced the first clues, so there is nothing to go on when it comes to guessing their identities before their first songs.

For Team Cuddly, it is Lemur and Miss Teddy.

Much like the first three, Miss Teddy was also not introduced until after the sneak peek, so there are no clues for her.

Lemur was on the sneak peek and many fans believe this is a social media star thanks to the fact that she had a ring light in her first clues package.

In a sneak peek video for tonight’s episode, Ken Jeong guessed it was Jennifer Aniston, but no one else really agreed with him.

Who has already gone home on The Masked Singer?

The first group saw Firefly win out with McTerrier, Cyclops, Thingamabob, and Ram all going home.

With such a condensed schedule that saw four people going home in the first three weeks and no one else performing, it made it impossible to guess who was under the costumes and none of the judges were close.

McTerrier was celeb chef Duff Goldman. The judges guessed it was possibly a rock star.

Ram unmasked as sportscaster Joe Buck. The judges thought it was an NFL star, with Peyton Manning a big pick.

Thingamabob was an NFL star, but no one could have guessed Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jordan Mailata.

Finally, Cyclops was unmasked as Jorge Garcia, and the judges never picked up on the Lost clues.

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Fox.

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