The Masked Singer recap: The Turtle, Miss Monster, Kangaroo and White Tiger all fight to stay but who was unmasked?

The Masked Singer panel
Who is headed home tonight after The Masked Singer audience votes? Pic credit: FOX

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and each week we’ve been falling in love with our furry friends on The Masked Singer. Six singers have faced off since Super Bowl Sunday, with last week’s reveal shocking judges (but not online theorists). Who else from Group A is headed home tonight?

Tonight, guest judge Leah Remini joined the panel with her brand of sassy snark and blunt delivery. She seamlessly blended with Jenny McCarthy’s loveable optimism and Ken Jeong’s nonsensical ramblings.

Miss Monster kicked things off, bringing her soulful touch to a classic KISS song. She was quickly joined by the four remaining Group A contestants: Turtle, Kangaroo, and White Tiger. Together, they rocked Rock and Roll All Nite and showed why they were the group to beat.

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Turtle, Miss Monster, Kangaroo and White Tiger compete

Turtle began the solo acts with his charismatic take on the Shawn Mendes favorite, There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back. As per usual, he strutted his leather-bound bod across the stage, making the ladies fall in love along the way. His hints featured a special appearance by a teacher from his past, with books strategically placed over her face.

A few judges stuck to their boy band theory, guessing Nick Lachey. Remini, for her part, took it in another direction, contemplating that Jaden Smith may be behind the mask. Meanwhile Nicole Scherzinger thought it may be country cutie, Hunter Hayes.

Miss Monster continued her lovefest with season one’s blue Monster, who sported a curtailed mustache and spoke on his lady’s behalf. Nevertheless, she showed that she didn’t need a man as she sultrily belted Leslie Gore’s You Don’t Own Me. The ladies in the crowd were all claps as they supported “Mother” Monster.

Her Valentine’s Day-inspired message pointed toward Robin Thicke, who had a rendezvous with the pink lady in Sin City. Remini, like may theorists before her, thought that the legendary Mary Wilson may under all that fur, based on her confidence, ease, and mature vocal range. Other judges, however, named Gloria Gaynor, whom Robin previously met in Las Vegas.

Kangaroo came out swinging, displaying empowerment with her passionate tone during Rhianna’s Diamond. Her voice sparkled as brightly as her glittered gloves, and her vulnerability showed through with every lyric.

Kangaroo’s kid brother spoke on her behalf during the hint package. Though a plant stemmed over his face, he expressed emotional support and stability for his struggling sister.

White Tiger’s domineering presence took over the stage for the night’s final performance. He once again brought the party, with an old college roommate hinting toward the deep-throated feline’s true identity.

He continued with his trademark “talk singing,” but nonetheless enthused the crowd with Queen’s We Will Rock You. His one-of-a-kind moves and feverish fervor always bring an element of fun to the show.

Tonight, he only had eyes for Jenny… and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg (a known New England football fan). However, she couldn’t be swooned, sticking to her theory of ex-Patriot, Rob Gronkowski.

Who went home on The Masked Singer?

After heartfelt renditions of songs old and new, the four remaining singers anxiously anticipated the audience’s reactions. The votes quickly came back, naming Miss Monster as the one to go home.

Each judge weighed in on pinky’s real identity, with Nicole and Robin guessing the renowned Chaka Kahn, Ken (inexplicably) theorizing country all-star Reba McEntire, and Jenny sticking to Queen Latifah.

When the oversized pink head finally came off, it was revealed to be ten-time Grammy Award winner, Chaka Kahn! The “Queen of Funk” couldn’t trick everybody, although she did try to hide her distinctive vocals. She blew kisses to the crowd as she proudly wrapped up the show with an encore performance.

Tune in next week to meet the Group B contestants, featuring some new furry (and foodie) faces.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on FOX. 

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