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The Family Chantel critics take aim at the spelling and grammatical errors in Pedro’s real estate bio

Pedro Jimeno
Pedro Jimeno’s real estate bio has come under scrutiny by The Family Chantel viewers. Pic credit: TLC

Throughout Season 4 of The Family Chantel, Pedro has been promoting his new career as a real estate agent both on the show and on social media.

Pedro has a personal Instagram page and a professional one, as well as a professional page linked to his real estate group.

A 90 Day fan page reshared Pedro’s official real estate bio, where Pedro called himself an “influencer” in his description full of grammatical and spelling mistakes.

While English is Pedro’s second language, he received a lot of criticism for not proofreading the important and impressionable bio.

The criticism of Pedro’s real estate bio comes as Season 4 of The Family Chantel just came to a close, and viewers just watched Chantel and Pedro end their marriage officially.

Their divorce is in process with mutual restraining orders and accusations of Chantel stealing money from Pedro and Chantel claiming that Pedro was unfaithful and committed domestic violence.

Pedro Jimeno’s real estate bio included several errors

A popular 90 Day Fiance fan account on Instagram shared a screen grab of Pedro’s professional real estate bio.

In it, Pedro says, “My Name is Pedro J Jimeno Morel, and I’m an influencer turned agent. Although I love social media and the entertainment industry, the buisness aspect of real estate really called me.”

He continued to give background on being from the Dominican Republic and his history in Atlanta before saying that his English has “improved dramatically.”

He went on to talk about the importance of a home and what being a real estate agent means to him before remarking, “I think that costumer service goes beyond just business. In the end, the goal is to be one of the top selling agents in the industry while maintaining and holding my values as a person in place.”

The Family Chantel viewers slammed the grammatical errors in Pedro Jimeno’s real estate bio

The Family Chantel viewers landed in the comments of the post to call out Pedro’s spelling and grammatical errors.

One person jabbed, “5th sentence has a grammatical error. Sorry my inner grammar police is coming out since this is his PROFESSIONAL PROFILE. They need to correct the sentence to add ‘do’. Continues to DO so. Also, influencer is not just a stretch it’s a flat out lie.”

Another viewer wrote, “Someone should have proof read this for him before he posted it.”

Instagram comments about Pedro Jimeno
Pic credit: @kikiandkibbitz/Instagram

Someone else pointed out, “It’s customer Pedro 😂😂😂 not custumer.”

Yet another critic commented, “Costumer service? Does he mean customer service and is he for real with this posting?”

Instagram comments about Pedro Jimeno
Pic credit: @kikiandkibbitz/Instagram

Pedro continues to actively post on his professional Instagram and has shied away from regularly posting on his personal one.

The Family Chantel is currently on hiatus.

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29 days ago

Good Lord he from another country he didnt come to USA wit degree in english.

28 days ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The point is here someone else in this “professional office” could have proof read it for him.

28 days ago

I used to sell real estate – back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and caves were homes lol. He works for an agency – unless he is a BROKER, he has to work FOR one, even though he earns commissions on his sales and not a regular paycheck. The broker he works for and his ‘team’ are all foreigners (except 1 girl I think)so I’m guessing grammer and spelling is a regular issue. Regarding his bio. It’s a boilerplate ‘resume’ that is just copied and pasted and he makes changes according to him personally. I doubt, therefore, that he even read it. MY issue is the statement about how important home and family is and helping people get their dream home. He didn’t WANT a family. His is crap! He LEFT his wife AFTER getting their dream home! I wouldn’t want anyone like that as my real estate agent. At least live a semblance of the lies you spew!

Rosie Lowe
Rosie Lowe
26 days ago

Sorry but his English is terrible. Although I do not like Chantel, I do hope she learned a huge lesson from this experience. He used her and during their first years he was constantly buying expensive gifts for his mother and sister. As for this mess with his bio father, well Pedro, the apple sure did not fall far from the tree. He used your mother and you used Chantel.