The Duggars are are hosting gatherings despite the coronavirus pandemic

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
The Duggar family is still gathering for the holidays despite the coronavirus pandemic. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggars aren’t scaling back for the holidays.

After watching the last season of Counting On and seeing the family attempt to social distance with a birthday parade for Abbie Grace Burnett and making masks for the family, there was hope they would do their part and avoid gatherings.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. With Christmas just days away, it’s become very clear that the Duggar family is still hosting many gatherings and it doesn’t look like they will be slowing down.

What have the Duggars been up to?

Last week, Joy-Anna Duggar shared photos from the Duggar girls’ Christmas party. All of the sisters and sisters-in-law were present, except for Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar.

Jinger’s absence wasn’t shocking as she had just welcomed her second baby days before Thanksgiving. Jill, though, that was shocking because she had been included in other events prior to this, and without Jim Bob present, it could have been worked out.

Even Ben Seewald’s sister was included.

Following the girls’ party, the Duggars hosted their annual ugly sweater party. The photos shared from that event proved there were tons of people at the compound.

John-David Duggar was the winner of the contest, but his daughter, Grace Duggar stole the show. She is a cute little one, and her first birthday is fast approaching.

Aside from the Duggars and their little families all being in attendance, it looks like some of the in-laws were also there. Some of the boys’ friends were at the party as well, making for a huge mix of attendees and a possible super-spreader event.


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Duggars slammed for not following pandemic recommendations

The family alone breaks some of the gathering rules, but that isn’t the biggest deal. As long as they are all in the same house and quarantining and not traveling, there isn’t a problem.

Having large gatherings with people outside of their home and traveling and attending events aren’t good ideas while the pandemic is still raging in the country. They went to Texas for the Family Alert Camp, attended Justin and Claire’s engagement party, hosted two events, and now, Christmas is coming up.

Despite their attempts to show they were abiding by the rules put into place during the pandemic and lockdown earlier this year, it seems the holidays aren’t a time to keep them in place for the Duggar family.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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