The Duggar women have a Christmas party, but where’s Jill Duggar?

Anna and Michelle Duggar on Counting On.
Both Anna and Michelle Duggar were present at the Christmas party. Pic credit: TLC

Joy-Anna Duggar just shared some fun family photos for a girls’ Christmas party the sisters and sisters-in-law had.

It looks like everyone but Jill Duggar was included, with Ben Seewald’s sister being in the mix as well.

The photos included all of the little girl grandchildren as well as the younger Duggar siblings.

Where was Jill Duggar?

There was a bit of a shock factor not seeing Jill Duggar included in the family girls’ Christmas party. It is unclear why she wasn’t present, especially because she has been photographed with the family for a lunch in recent months.

Given there is a very public rift with her parents, it is likely she chose not to attend. Jill did confirm that some of her siblings weren’t okay with her choices, and now that things have been even more public, it could be awkward.

Several photos were shared, and none included Jill from any angle.


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Who did attend the Duggar girls’ Christmas party?

An afternoon filled with Chick-Fil-A and girl talk was what the Duggar women had on their agenda. It looks like everyone who lives in the area, with the exception of Jill Duggar, was in attendance.

Abbie Grace Burnett, Lauren Swanson, Anna Duggar, and Kendra Caldwell were all there. Jessa, Joy-Anna, Jennifer, Johannah, Josie, Jana, and Michelle were all there as well.

Mackynzie, Meredith, Evelyn, Ivy Jane, Bella, Addison, and Grace were all there with their parents as well.

From making wreaths to having a gift exchange, the Duggar women appeared to have an afternoon well-spent.

When will Counting On return?

As of now, TLC has not confirmed the return, but Hilary Spivey did!

She revealed that she and her family have filmed for the show. Her daughter, Claire Spivey, is engaged to Justin Duggar. They will be heavily featured on the upcoming season as they are planning their wedding.

If the timing lines up, they are likely filming now. Last season was filmed through the 2019 holiday season, and now, it is time for the 2020 season to get moving.

With a wedding on the way and the 20th Duggar grandchild due in February, there is a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Also, Grace Duggar will be celebrating her first birthday in January. She is the last of the 2019 baby boom babies to be turning one.

The Duggar women have celebrated their family fun event with a girls’ Christmas party and it looked like they had a blast.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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