The Duggar family’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes

Jeremiah, Jana, and Jason Duggar in Counting On confessionals.
These Duggar siblings are single. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar children and their love lives are highly discussed. From whether they are courting to counting down to their weddings, fans and followers alike want all of the details about them. 

Of the 14 adult Duggar siblings, only four of them are single. Of the 10 who are married, only two haven’t started their own families yet. 

Here’s a look at the most eligible bachelor and bachelorettes in the Duggar family. 

Jana Duggar 

Undoubtedly, Jana Duggar is the most talked-about single member of the Duggar family. Everyone wants to know why she isn’t married yet. 

At 31, fans and followers are curious about why she hasn’t announced a courtship or tied the knot. Jana has talked about being approached by various men for courtships, but nothing was ever suitable for her. 

During a trip to Tennessee with Abbie Grace Burnett, Jana Duggar opened up about her relationship status a bit more. The hairdresser asked a lot of questions, and she answered them semi-awkwardly. 

There has been speculation the eldest Duggar daughter may be gay, though she and her best friend, Laura DeMasie, have disputed their relationship was anything more than friends. 

Rumors have circulated about a possible courtship between Jana and Stephen Wissmann, but there has yet to be a confirmation. Every few weeks, there are new “sightings,” but neither has discussed a relationship publicly. 

Her garden is her prized possession, and sharing photos of what is growing is something she does on social media. Jana has helped raise her siblings and remains at home at the Duggar compound as the eldest sibling in the house. 

As the most eligible bachelorette in the Duggar clan, she is often in the spotlight. 

Jeremiah Duggar 

One of the eligible Duggar bachelors is Jeremiah Duggar. He is one of the second set of twins birthed by Michelle Duggar. 

His twin, Jedidiah Duggar, got married earlier this year. Jeremiah has yet to announce a courtship, though he has been linked to Hannah Wissmann

There is a lot he has to offer, though. Jeremiah Duggar is a pilot and has been showing that off on social media. He doesn’t post much, but when he does, it is either about flying or his brother, Jedidiah. 

He is currently 22 but will celebrate his 23rd birthday in December. Jeremiah is the eldest eligible bachelor in the Duggar family, with several of his brothers following right behind in his footsteps.

Jason Duggar 

Another eligible Duggar bachelor is Jason Duggar. He is a businessman who often shares photos of his adventures in remodeling things. 

He is the second-oldest Duggar brother who has yet to marry at 21. Jason can often be seen hanging out with Jana, as the two have a close relationship. He enjoys manual labor and spends his time working on projects with his siblings. 

No courtships have been announced for Jason, but there were rumors he was interested in a few young ladies. He was pegged to be the next Duggar boy married, though Jedidiah and Justin beat him by marrying their loves earlier this year. 

James Duggar 

One of the most interesting of the Duggar brothers, James, is an eligible bachelor. He recently celebrated his 19th birthday. 

He was linked to Lauren Caldwell for a while, but neither confirmed a courtship was happening. At one point, James was spotted on the Caldwell boat with Joseph Duggar, Kendra Caldwell, and the rest of the Caldwell family. 

As one of the more hands-on Duggar brothers, James is often seen with Jason on projects. They work together to clear properties, which includes burning brush and removing stuff. He also owns a firetruck, which adds to the cool factor he presents. 

James is one of the favorite uncles among all of the Duggar grandchildren.

Which one of the Duggar eligible bachelorette and bachelors will get married first remains to be seen, but fans and followers are rooting for Jana to beat out the boys.

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