Jason Duggar reveals Jana Duggar ‘can’ travel without a chaperone despite accompanying her to Texas

Jana Duggar in a confessional for Counting On.
Jana Duggar is in Texas with Jason and Laura. Pic credit: TLC

Jana Duggar’s life is highly scrutinized. From her remaining at the family home into her 30s to not being married, Counting On fans have a lot of questions about her life. 

She has been linked to Lawson Bates for years on and off, but recently he debuted his new girlfriend, Tiffany. There have also been speculations that Jana and her BFF Laura DeMaise have more than just a friendship. However, those rumors have been denied over and over, though they continue to circulate. 

This week, Jana Duggar spent time in Texas with Laura and her brother, Jason Duggar. They shared photos and videos on social media, featuring their venture to Magnolia Market. 

Fans question why Jason is with Jana and Laura 

There has been a lot of discussion about Jana Duggar and why she doesn’t travel alone. Does she need a chaperone? 

A comment on the post shared by Jason Duggar on Instagram asked, “Kind of sad that at 30 years old Jana is still never allowed to go anywhere without a chaperone.”

Of course, other comments came in the way of replies, and Jason showed up to say, “She can!”

Jason Duggar comments.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

He is known for his tongue-in-cheek comments, especially when it comes to defending his sister’s honor. 

For the record, Jana has traveled alone. When Jinger Duggar first moved out to California, Jana flew out there to be with her sister. Their time together was documented on social media and their trip to Rodeo Drive aired on the show. 

Jason and Jana have always been close 

As part of the Duggar buddy teams, Jana Duggar and Jason Duggar were paired up. She has been a source of support from him, and they often spent a lot of time together while growing up. 

From older clips of their reality TV shows, Jana and Jason used to spend time cooking in the kitchen as well. Their bond is closer than some of the other siblings, and it is clear he appreciates his sister. 

Traveling together and working together are also things they enjoy doing. Aside from this Texas trip, Jason accompanied Jana and Laura on a trip to Branson as well. She often helps her brothers with their remodeling jobs. 

It is clear that these siblings enjoy being around one another. And while it may look like Jana Duggar needs a chaperone, she doesn’t always travel with someone else. But, leave it to Jason to defend his big sister against the critics who have questions. 

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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