Is Jana Duggar gay? John David Duggar courtship sets off another round of speculation about oldest Counting On daughter

Fans are wondering when a courtship will come for Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar daughter. She turned 28 this past January and has yet to enter into a courtship.

Rumors have been swirling on and off for years about Jana Duggar. Is she interested in Lawson Bates? Will she finally meet her prince charming during an upcoming season? Counting On fans want to see the eldest daughter happy, but what will get her there?

As Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna married off, the question about when Jana will meet someone has repeatedly come up. She has avoided the questions about courting for the most part, which has left people debating what the reason is she hasn’t met anyone yet.

Could Jana Duggar be gay?

One theory some Counting On viewers have come up with is that Jana Duggar could be gay. Why? Because she is 28 and has never shown interest in a boy in public, or chosen to court. However, there have been attempts made to court her, which has been confirmed by her sisters on several episodes of the various Duggar shows over the years.

There have also been several female friends that Jana Duggar has hung out with frequently over the years, which has added fuel to the fire. However, because of what the Duggars believe in, it makes sense that Jana only has female friends. They are not allowed to spend time alone with members of the opposite sex before getting married, let alone do anything else. Everything is done in groups.

‘Cinderella’ Duggar does it all

Dubbed “Cinderella,” Jana Duggar is in a large way responsible for caring for the younger children and getting the household chores done. It has been her job for years, and this is another of the reasons some Counting On fans believe she may not have been courted yet.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar need her help, especially with all of her adult sisters married off. The next daughter, Johanna is still a young girl, so wouldn’t yet be able to handle everything Jana does to help.

John David’s courtship

Now that John David Duggar has announced his courtship with Abbie Grace Burnett, there is going to be more pressure on Jana Duggar to find a husband. Things often move fast in the Duggar world, and if she doesn’t act fast, she could be left in the dust.

As of now, Jana Duggar being gay is just wild speculation and rumor. Offers of courtship have happened in the past, and could well do again in the future but for now, Jana appears to be waiting for the right man to walk into her life.

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