The Challenge’s Mark Long comments about competitor not appearing on All Stars: ‘Bet he is regretting every second’

the challenge all stars first season cast
The Challenge: All Stars cast appears at their first daily challenge of the season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars spinoff episodes have all been released, with a champion crowned in Argentina amongst the returning OG competitors.

While the spinoff’s first season featured 22 OGs from Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat, it still has some fans wanting to see some of their favorite stars on the show.

It’s also brought up some “What if” type scenarios, as fans speculate certain competitors would have easily won the final had they been part of the cast.

The Challenge fan suggests competitor would’ve won All Stars

In a recent social media post, one Challenge fan tagged All Stars cast member and producer Mark Long, suggesting they need to get a specific cast member on the show.

“Please try to convince Landon [Lueck] on, looking at the final so far with canoes, bikes, running/hiking and puzzles it’s not that different from the fresh meat 2 final. Pretty confident he could have won $500k for a few weeks work. I wanna see him on season 2!” the fan commented.

“Bet he is regretting every second as he watches it,” Mark replied with a few laughing face emojis.

In the All Stars final, Yes Duffy ended up claiming the win due to his overall abilities for puzzle solving, canoeing, and hiking. He also seemed to have great partners for each leg of the final and then relied on his intelligence to defeat castmate Darrell Taylor on the final hike up a steep mountain to the finish line.

Yes was a previous champion on The Challenge 2000, but his win on All Stars was his biggest. He collected a solo prize of $500,000 for having the top score amongst all 10 competitors.

Landon’s previous wins on The Challenge

Landon, 41, originally debuted on MTV’s The Real World: Philadelphia season alongside Karamo Brown, M.J. Garrett, and five other roommates.

He’d go on to make his Challenge debut on The Inferno II, winning in his rookie season on a team also featuring Darrell, Jamie Chung, and Mike “The Miz” Mizanin.

Landon returned for the next season, The Gauntlet 2, which featured a team of Rookies against a team of Veterans. He was part of the winning Rookies squad, which featured nine competitors, including his Real World castmate M.J. Garrett and future All Stars competitor Alton Williams.

While he didn’t win in his third Challenge appearance, The Duel II, Landon’s fourth time on the show brought his third win. That was the Fresh Meat II season, where he was paired with Fresh Meat rookie Carley Johnson in 2010.

They’d go on to defeat a team consisting of Kenny Santucci and Laurel Stucky in the final, collecting the lion’s share of the prize purse for the win.

With three wins in four Challenge seasons, Landon seems like someone who should be considered for every future season of The Challenge: All Stars.

As of this report, online spoilers don’t have Landon on the list of likely cast members. However, there appears to be room for 10 or more names still, so there’s hope he’ll show up in Season 2.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus. All Stars 2 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on Paramount Plus.

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