The Challenge legend Mark Long stars in funny The Edge Pizza Hut commercial

mark long during the challenge all stars premiere episode
Mark Long flexes during his introduction on The Challenge: All Stars’ premiere episode. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Godfather is taking it “to the edge” for Pizza Hut with a brand new Challenge-themed advertisement for the popular fast-food chain’s limited-time pizza.

Mark Long, one of the 22 OG cast members who just appeared on The Challenge: All Stars, shows off his skills as he tries to endure a tough challenge of his own at home.

However, much like the reality competition series, he finds that the “whole game changed” as he decides to take on a new daily challenge.

Mark Long shares new Challenge-themed Pizza Hut ad

Even during his time away from the competition, Mark Long is finding ways to test himself. On Friday, The Challenge legend shared his brand new commercial for Pizza Hut’s The Edge Pizza featuring plenty of references to the show. The Hut’s limited-time menu offering allows pizza lovers to enjoy a thin, crispy crust pizza complete with an array of toppings.

In his new commercial, since the Edge is the theme, Mark decides to take his daily life to the edge. He mentions he thought he’d “seen every twist” the game has to offer until he saw Pizza Hut’s returning menu item which takes toppings to the edge.

Mark decides to set up his own daily challenge which will test him and take him to the edge.

It doesn’t involve being high up above the water, hiking across rough terrain, or paddling a canoe in Argentina, though. Instead, Mark has set up objects on his kitchen floor he just mopped and is trying to step from small object to object without touching the floor.

Just like with the real Challenge, sometimes things can interrupt one’s focus during the task at hand. Another variable comes into play with Mark’s mini-challenge as the doorbell rings, causing him to rush to the door. From there he talks about how he’ll “never break his alliance” with the pizza delivery guy as he gets the pizza he ordered.

Mark finishes by returning to his kitchen challenge, this time with the added task of trying to carry a pizza as he steps from object to object across the floor. The only thing missing is host TJ Lavin popping out to add some Carolina Reapers as an extra spicy pizza topping for Mark.

Check out the 30-second advertisement below featuring The Godfather and The Edge pizza. Challenge fans will notice Mark has some recognizable items in the ad including his special Godfather crown and All Stars helmet.

The Edge Pizza was brought back to Pizza Hut’s menu last month and is available for a limited time. It features “a large thin, crispy crust loaded to the edge with your favorite toppings and finished with a garlic & herb seasoning.” There are four different varieties including Pepperoni Lover’s and The Vegetarian.

Long who shared the video clip on his Twitter, also mentioned he is fielding sitcom offers via direct messages.

In addition to his Pizza Hut ad, Mark has other acting credits on his resume. According to IMDB’s listing, Mark appeared in several episodes of the TV series Sweet Valley High in 1996 as a band member and in an episode of 2001’s Even Stevens, among a few other roles. However, he’s best known for his performances on The Challenge.

Will Mark Long appear on All Stars Season 2?

Right now, The Challenge: All Stars is coming off a successful first season. While there’s been no reveal or reports of any viewership numbers, the reaction online has been positive for the Paramount+ spinoff.

Mark was a big part of bringing that first season to life. He not only worked amongst the production staff but appeared in the first season’s cast. Mark reached the final along with 11 other OGs in Argentina, who competed for $500,000 in prize money.

While he didn’t win the final, the first season was a win, and it’s believed Paramount+ will announce a second season in the coming months. There are already All Stars 2 cast spoilers online regarding who seems very likely to be part of the cast.

As of this report, the online spoilers have not shown any of the first season’s cast members as part of Season 2. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen, and one would have to think The Godfather would be amongst the cast members fans would love to see return to the show.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount+.

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