The Challenge’s Fessy and Josh speak on Double Agents mid-season trailer, veteran competitors, and show editing

fessy shafaat on the challenge double agents
Fessy Shafaat at The Challenge: Double Agents elimination site. Pic credit: MTV

After Episode 9 of The Challenge: Double Agents aired, a number of the cast members got on Instagram Live video sessions to discuss the latest events from the show.

That included former Big Brother stars Fessy Shafaat and Josh Martinez, who appeared on IG Live together and discussed several topics related to how they appear on the show.

That included Josh revealing to Fessy how he is “all over” the new mid-season trailer and the two competitors speaking about how the show gets edited.

Fessy and Josh discuss Double Agents mid-season trailer, arguments

During part of their IG Live chat, Fessy asked Josh if he saw The Challenge: Double Agents mid-season trailer as Fessy said he hadn’t had a chance to watch it yet.

“I did, and your messy a** is all over it,” Josh revealed to his BB pal, who was surprised to hear that. Josh let Fessy in on the fact that they showed a scene where he was making out with Gabby Allen and another where he and Chris “CT” Tamburello were arguing.

“Somebody told me, they’re like, ‘Yo, CT’s letting you have it in the trailer,’” Fessy said. “So I’m like ‘Damn if me and CT got in an argument they’re just gonna show CT’s side in the trailer?’” Fessy added.

Josh then replied saying after four seasons he’s come to realize he doesn’t care who he argues with on the show.

“I’m gonna argue with your favorite. I’m gonna argue with your mom’s favorite. I’m gonna argue with all of y’all,” Josh told Fessy.

So far this season, both Josh and Fessy have been involved in arguments with Devin Walker. Josh previously got fired up after a dramatic incident he intervened in that involved CT and Kaycee Clark in the kitchen. Devin decided to chime in with a “Big Brother sucks” comment that really riled Josh up even more.

After the episode aired, Josh went on social media to say he was embarrassed over his blowup and behavior this season. He’d also argue with castmate Jay Starrett at one point.

In another episode, Fessy was the one who got stirred up courtesy of Devin’s instigating, and Josh once again got involved. Based on the mid-season trailer, Fessy and CT will get in each other’s faces at some point during the Double Agents season.

Josh and Fessy on The Challenge veteran’s confessionals, show editing

Something else Josh and Fessy touched upon during their chat was how The Challenge show’s veteran competitors knowing how to present themselves a certain way on the show.

“These people who have done five, eight, nine seasons, they know what to say in confessionals to make themselves look good,” Fessy said. 

“We take the situation as it comes. So we get in an argument, whatever, and we go in the interviews, and we say how we feel. Other people, they try to manipulate the audience to make themselves look a certain way,” the former Big Brother competitor added.

Also, they brought up how production will edit things to look a certain way. Josh mentioned that’s what happened in his blowup that began with CT.

“I mean, you remember when I was filming this season, and I got into it with CT, and I was like screaming at production. I was like, ‘I know y’all are gonna portray it in a way that it wasn’t.’ I watched back the clip, and that’s exactly what it was,” Josh said.

Fessy then reminded him that they were competing for a million dollars in Iceland to put it all in perspective, so it doesn’t matter what others think.

At the end of the day, viewers also need to learn to take what they see on the MTV show with a grain of salt as there is plenty of footage edited to look a certain way and lots of things left out of the episodes.

Cast members are quick to point those things out later and that’s when the fun begins with figuring out who is giving the real story.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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