The Challenge’s Derek Chavez shares message with fans after emotional All Stars 2 episode

derek chavez in the challenge all stars 2 episode 2
Former Real World: Cancun star Derek Chavez appears in The Challenge: All Stars 2 spinoff season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 has brought plenty of emotions from cast members as they reminisce over past moments from MTV’s show and share life updates during the spinoff series.

In a recent episode, Derek Chavez had some particularly tough scenes to relive as he brought up a heartbreaking loss his family suffered before he took the trip to film All Stars 2.

Following the episode, Derek shared a special message with fans while explaining why he felt it was important to share his story during the spinoff series.

This report will contain spoilers for Episode 2 of Paramount Plus’ The Challenge: All Stars 2.

Derek revealed heartbreaking loss in All Stars 2 episode

In The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 2, former Real World: Cancun star Derek Chavez was voted into the first elimination of the season by castmates, as he was one of Nehemiah Clark’s top picks as an opponent. His friends and castmates from Real World, Jonna Mannion and Jasmine Reynaud, were upset he was the first to be voted in.

After the cast had some fun with a prom-inspired party, footage showed Derek in tears as Jonna comforted him. He revealed to her and viewers that just before leaving for All Stars 2, he received a call that his little sister, Breana, had taken her life.

Based on Derek’s Instagram post (below), he didn’t reveal this to castmates until that night after he got voted into elimination. His castmates were also shown in a later scene comforting him and praising him for being strong in still coming to film the show.

“Sometimes you choose your family and I am happy I had my family with me thru this tragedy. @jonnamannion knew Bre, as did @jazmtv and the comfort they provided helped me so much they don’t even know,” Derek shared in his caption.

He and his castmates decided to honor his little sister Breana by wearing the letter “B.” Jonna drew a heart on Derek’s arm with “BRE” in the middle ahead of him going into the season’s first elimination.

After Derek lost in the elimination to Nehemiah Clark, he said during his exit interview that he knew his sister was proudly watching him compete again on The Challenge.

Derek shares message with fans after All Stars 2

Following the release of the All Stars 2 episode, Derek shared a video message for fans, followers, friends, and castmates on his official Instagram.

In that message, he expressed his thanks to everyone who reached out with their love and support during the hard time he’s gone through.

“It was crazy to have to relive this moment again,” Derek said of the All Stars 2 footage. “But I know that this story needed to be told just in case there’s anybody out there that feels the same way my sister may have felt at the time.”

“I want you guys to know that you’re never alone. I hope that if you feel that you are, that you speak out with somebody because it’ll get better if you do,” he shared in his video.

“I hope I made you guys proud, and I hope I made my little sister proud,” he added.

Derek’s return to The Challenge came eight years after his previous appearance, the Rivals II season. The 33-year-old also appeared on Cutthroat in 2010 and Battle of the Seasons in 2012 with his Real World castmates Jonna and Jasmine.

Fans can hear more about Derek’s story in the November 19 episode of MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast, where he spoke with hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira about his sister and The Challenge: All Stars 2.

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