The Challenge’s Amber Borzotra claims she was never working with Itty Bitty alliance, castmates react

amber borzotra on the challenge double agents
Double Agents rookie Amber Borzotra claimed during an interview she was never working with Itty Bitty alliance. Pic credit: MTV

During The Challenge: Double Agents, several female rookies, and newer competitor Tula “Big T” Fazakerley banded together to form a new alliance to try to take out the competition.

Along with Big T in the alliance were rookies Gabby Allen, Amber M, and Big Brother star Amber Borzotra. They dubbed themselves the “Itty Bitty Committee,” which seems to be a name that rookie Amber M came up with.

However, during a recent podcast interview, Amber B. claims she was never working with the Itty Bitty Alliance during her time on Double Agents and didn’t even know it existed.

That brought some interesting reactions from two of the alliance members.

Amber B. says she didn’t know about Itty Bitty alliance

During a recent appearance on The Challenge Mania podcast, hosts Scott Yager and Derrick Kosinski asked Amber B. about a variety of topics related to her appearances on Big Brother and The Challenge.

That included asking her about the famous Itty Bitty alliance that formed during Double Agents.

The alliance came about as rookie girls Amber M. and Gabby, along with Big T, decided they were being targeted because they’re smaller competitors.

They decided to form an alliance to try to take out Tori Deal, who suggested some of them were “weak” or a “layup” on Double Agents.

Amber B. was supposedly working with that alliance and the Big Brother alliance, which she said during episodes of the show.

However, based on Amber B.’s comments on the recent podcast interview, she didn’t even realize that Itty Bitty alliance was a thing and didn’t talk game with Amber M. or Gabby Allen.

The @jaychallenge1 Instagram account shared the portion of Amber’s interview featuring her reply on the topic (below):

“Oh, ok, so that’s something I wanna touch base on that I’m actually confused about,” Amber said when asked about the alliance.

“Did you guys ever see me in the room when they came up with this Itty Bitty alliance? Was I there? Do you remember that? I wasn’t there,” Amber asked the podcast hosts.

“Do you ever see anyone talking to me about game in the Itty Bitty Alliance unless it’s deliberation day and we gotta figure out who’s going in? I felt like I was just a number,” Amber also commented.

“Until I saw the episode, it was news to me,” she said of her association with the alliance.

“Me and Amber M. didn’t really talk much game, and neither did Gabby and I. So, I think that I’m just confused by the Itty Bitty Alliance because it was something that I was not even – I didn’t even really knew existed until – I didn’t even really know that was an alliance name,” Amber said on the podcast.

Castmates react to Amber B’s comments

In an IG Story post, @jaychallenge1 showed that two of Amber B.’s castmates reacted to the comments about her claiming she didn’t even know Itty Bitty Alliance existed.

Gabby, who was part of the Itty Bitty Alliance, reacted to the comments about Amber B. with three crying laughing emojis, possibly suggesting she doesn’t believe her.

Fellow alliance member and castmate Big T also stopped by with a few emojis, including a suspicious face with a monocle (below).

jaychallenge1 shares reactions to amber b comments
Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram Story

During a YouTube reaction video from Amber M. and Big T about a Double Agents episode, they reacted to how Amber B. was acting during episodes and even off the show. Big T suggested someone was spreading lies after filming had ended.

Based on the recent comments from Amber Borzotra about Double Agents alliances, it seems there may be some interesting times ahead when it comes to the reunion.

According to speculation, the Double Agents reunion will film this week, with most of the cast included, whether remotely or in-person, for the event. The reunion air date is TBA, and fans may get to hear what the Itty Bitty alliance members have to say about Amber B’s comments.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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