The Challenge: Wes Bergmann shares he made fans ‘more profit in one week’ than any winner until Season 12

the challenge star wes bergmann accepts master manipulator award
Wes Bergmann reveals how he helped fans make a good bit of money in the past week. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

The Challenge star Wes Bergmann is known for being a mastermind on the popular MTV competition series, but when he’s not competing on the show, he’s looking for wins in the world of business and investing.

He has several championships on The Challenge, which have given him a decent chunk of prize money. However, he now seems to be finding ways to help fans increase their money too.

Wes recently posted about his accomplishment of helping fans make “more profit in one week” than any of The Challenge winners until Season 12 of the series.

Wes Bergmann boasts of recent moneymaking advice

Last week, two-time Challenge winner Wes Bergmann shared tips with his social media followers about making some investments. These days, cryptocurrency is all the rage, with the crypto market on fire. In the past months, Bitcoin and other cryptos, known as altcoins, have hit new all-time highs.

In an Instagram post last week, Wes encouraged his followers to sign up for the Robinhood trading platform through him to buy some cryptocurrency. While Wes is not a financial advisor, he recommended that they might want to consider buying dogecoin or Ethereum, two popular choices for crypto these days.

On Tuesday (May 4), Wes was letting everyone know that those who took his advice for dogecoin were doing quite well right now. In fact, Wes congratulated fans on doubling their money since his suggestion.

“One week ago I merely mentioned to get into Doge with my link,” Wes shared in an Instagram Story slide.

“To the thousands of people who did so, congrats on DOUBLING your money. I made The Challenge community more profit in one week than a single person ever won on the challenge until season 12,” Wes said in his IG Story post.

Wes went on to tell the people who didn’t listen to him to “Stop stalling” as their “lack of action” is only hurting them. He also mentioned he believes fans should consider Ethereum now but suggested they seek third-party advice on his statement.

the challenge star wes bergmann ig story doge
Pic credit: @westonbergmann/Instagram

According to a MarketWatch report, dogecoin was up about 40 percent on Tuesday. That’s an impressive boost for a cryptocurrency that was around $0.27 a week ago. Within the past year, it has gone up over 11,000 percent.

The cryptocurrency, which is considered a meme crypto featuring a Shiba Inu dog image, has a loyal following and major supporters, including Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

That said, Wes seems quite pleased that he recommended the coin to followers when he did. There’s also the fact he mentioned Ethereum a week ago with it. While it hasn’t seen the huge surge that dogecoin has, Ethereum has climbed about 25 percent in the past week. That’s according to Coinmarketcap data, as of this report.

How much has Wes won on The Challenge?

Wes doesn’t have near the number of championships that his rival and Total Madness pal Johnny Bananas has and has half as many as Chris “CT” Tamburello has. His money is also a fraction of what his two castmates have tallied in their multiple seasons won.

However, Wes still has a good bit of money he won for his two Challenge championships. Based on his Challenge Wiki page, Wes has won over $300,000 from the competitive reality show.

His first championship came in his second season doing the show, The Duel in 2006. For being the first place men’s winner on the season, he won $150,000. That was the Season 12 that Wes mentioned in his IG Story post above.

He’d later record a second win when he was partnered up with CT Tamburello for Rivals II in 2013. That show featured a prize purse of $350,000, and there was a men’s and women’s team that won. While Wes and CT were first place for the men, Paula Meronek and Emily Schromm placed first for the women.

So Wes has quite a bit of money made from The Challenge thanks to his two wins and 14 regular seasons of the show. Add in his business ventures and investments, and other Challenge stars may want to take his advice on how to increase their net worths beyond the show.

The Challenge airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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