The Challenge: USA spoilers arrive as Episode 6 sneak peek shows top competitor at disadvantage

angela rummans in the challenge usa episode 6
Angela Rummans appears in The Challenge: USA, Episode 6. Pic credit: CBS/YouTube

Through five episodes of The Challenge: USA, only a handful of competitors have managed to qualify for TJ Lavin’s final. A few have qualified more than once based on their bank totals.

However, Episode 6 of the spinoff series will find one cast member at a disadvantage after previously seeming impossible to defeat.

Some new sneak peek footage arrived for the show ahead of the episode’s debut on CBS, and based on the clip, the daily challenge will once again feature Challengers in the water.

It’ll also feature more climbing and more puzzle-solving skills, something that former Survivor winner Tyson Apostol says he excels at.

However, he didn’t account for another aspect of the daily challenge that could hold him back from getting his fourth win of the season.

This report will contain The Challenge: USA spoilers, including a look at Tyson’s teammate and their situation for the upcoming episode.

Sneak peek arrives for Episode 6 daily challenge

During The Challenge: USA, Episode 6, Tyson Apostol will be facing some tough odds regarding securing a necessary win to keep himself out of elimination.

Thanks to The Algorithm’s random pairing, he’ll be teamed up with his third Love Island star of the season. This time it’s Kyra Green, and unfortunately for Tyson, she’s feeling under the weather.

Based on the sneak peek footage (below), Kyra’s body is working against her, which could hinder them from performing well in the daily challenge. That could be a severe problem as Tyson can’t exactly carry her through the event. Although, based on previous events, maybe he can.

Viewers saw him facing a tough task in Episode 5 of the spinoff, as his partner Cashay Proudfoot wasn’t the best at swimming. Despite her difficulties, he helped her back and forth in the water, and they won the event. With that in mind, the superhuman Tyson may find a way to compensate for Kyra’s weakness.

In another preview of the upcoming episode, viewers saw that Tyson would already face some issues in the house. He chose to send his fellow Survivor star and ally Sarah Lacina into the Episode 5 elimination with her teammate, Leo Temory.

Sarah and Leo won the elimination and will return to the house. Based on the other Episode 6 sneak peek, Sarah and another former Survivor winner, Ben Driebergen, are both fuming over Tyson’s game move against the alliance.

Who is qualified for The Challenge: USA final so far?

In the premiere episode of The Challenge: USA, host TJ Lavin explained to cast members that they could qualify for his final by accumulating $5,000 in their bank accounts.

Everyone started with $1,000 and could add more money to their accounts by winning a daily challenge or winning eliminations. Winning a daily challenge is worth $5,000 and automatically qualifies competitors for the final. Winning an elimination lets the winning team split the losing team’s total money.

As mentioned, Tyson is qualified for TJ Lavin’s final. He won in Episode 1 alongside Big Brother star Angela Rummans, so she is also qualified. In Episode 2, Tyson won again, and partnered with Love Island’s Justine Ndiba, who became eligible to run the final.

In Episode 3, Angela won for her second time, alongside Big Brother 24’s Kyland Young, qualifying him to run the final. Kyland made it back-to-back wins by winning the Episode 4 daily challenge alongside another BB 24 star, Alyssa Lopez, getting her eligible as well.

The fifth episode saw Tyson and Cashay Proudfoot overcome tough circumstances and other teams to win the daily challenge. Cashay became the sixth cast member to qualify for TJ’s final. They’ll have to stick around until the final without getting sent home.

More competitors will attempt to qualify for the final when Episode 6 arrives on Wednesday, August 10.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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