The Challenge: USA, Episode 6 sneak peek has cast member ‘furious’ with Survivor star

tyson apostol in the challenge usa
Survivor winner Tyson Apostol during The Challenge: USA, Episode 5. Pic credit: Paramount+

While “Survivor Strong” was their motto as The Challenge: USA kicked off, it appears that the alliance could be crumbling based on recent events.

In a new sneak peek video for The Challenge: USA, Episode 6, viewers see several Survivor stars are upset at one of their alliance members.

That’s due to Tyson Apostol’s surprising game move at the end of Episode 5, where he and teammate Cashay Proudfoot chose to send Sarah Lacina and Leo Temory into elimination.

Luckily for Sarah and Leo, they won the elimination event, putting more money in their personal bank accounts. Unluckily for Tyson and Cashay, they won, which means they’re headed back to the house for possible revenge.

Based on the Episode 6 sneak peek (below), one of Tyson’s co-stars is “furious” about the move, and it’s not just Sarah.

Instead, Survivor star Ben Driebergen is pacing a bit and has some strong comments in the preview clip, which could indicate problems are coming Tyson’s way in the upcoming episode.

The Challenge: USA, Episode 6 to feature Survivor alliance issues?

Ahead of the sixth episode of the spinoff, The Challenge: USA, CBS, and @thechallenge Instagram rolled out a video giving fans a preview of the tense moments after the competitors arrive back at the compound.

In the clip, viewers see cast members talking amongst themselves, with Sarah speaking to fellow Survivor star Desi Williams and Amazing Race star Cayla Platt.

“Honestly, it’s the level of disrespect,” she tells them. “He looked me in my face last night and told me, ‘You’re good.'”

In another scene, Tyson says he’s not going to give anyone permission to send him into The Arena elimination, but if they choose to do so, he’ll be OK with it, shake their hands and say, “Great move.”

“If you’re gonna take it personal, then guess what? Maybe you should just avoid all games,” he says.

Later in the sneak preview, Ben Driebergen expresses his outrage over what Tyson decided to do in Episode 5 of the spinoff show.

“I am furious with Tyson right now because if Sarah woulda gone home, what did you expect me to do, just come back into your net and go, ‘Oh, my number one’s gone.’ Show some respect, Tyson,” Ben says in a confessional interview.

In Episode 5, viewers saw the team of Cashay and Tyson win the daily challenge, and the team of Cinco Holland and Azah Awasum finish with the worst overall performance. Due to that, Cash’s former Love Island castmate and ex, Cinco, automatically went into elimination with Azah.

Cash and Tyson tried to discuss who the losing team might want to face at The Arena, but they received no help. That eventually led to Tyson and Cash’s decision to send Sarah and Leo into elimination, surprising castmates, including Ben.

Survivor stars competed in another season together

Sarah, Ben, and Tyson brought some strong resumes to The Challenge: USA, as all three reality stars have won a Survivor season. Tyson won Season 27, Blood vs. Water. Sarah was the winner in Season 34, aka Game Changers, while Ben won Season 35, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

That qualified them as cast members for another Survivor season called Winners at War, with the show’s 40th season airing from February to May 2020.

Winners at War also featured a few other cast members that MTV’s The Challenge viewers might know: Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson.

Ultimately, it was Michele and Natalie finishing as runner-up contestants to season winner Tony Vlachos.

Still, one would think the three Survivor stars competing together that season might have forged a solid bond for their alliance heading into The Challenge: USA. When it comes to The Challenge, sometimes all bets are off, though!

Tyson previously revealed what he felt was a wise strategy to beat The Algorithm bot. However, he may not have considered a strong competitor like Sarah winning an elimination and coming back to the house heated at his move.

The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Survivor are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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