The Challenge star Stephen Bear reveals he attempted suicide

the challenge stephen bear reveals he attempted suicide
Stephen Bear on The Challenge: War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: MTV

Reality TV star Stephen Bear recently revealed via social media that he attempted to take his life recently, which came after a video of him in tears, in which he told followers, “I can’t do it anymore.”

That prompted concern from his followers and friends from MTV’s The Challenge as they commented on his social media post.

Bear’s suicide attempt follows accusations from his ex-girlfriend and The Challenge castmate, Georgia Harrison, about him secretly recording her at his home in a compromising situation and then sharing the footage with others.

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Bear shares alarming video on social media

A week ago, Ex on the Beach and The Challenge star Stephen Bear posted a nearly two-minute-long video to his Instagram in which he described how he was feeling.

“The only time goodbye is painful is when you know you’ll never say hello again,” he wrote in his IG post caption.

After holding his head, gasping, and appearing in tears on the video, Bear says, “I can’t do this anymore” and mentions “voices in my head.” He also tells everyone, “they tried to give me medication, but I’m not gonna take it.”

Bear, who had been staying in Dubai, also offers apologies in the video (below) and says, “anything I do is never good enough.”


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The Challenge fans, castmates express concern for Bear

The video brought plenty of concerned commenters, with one individual suggesting “someone who knows him or knows someone needs to phone for medical attention.”

While fans commented that Bear might be mocking another video, others suggested that he get help.

“Someone still needs to go check on him..doesn’t matter what someone may have done..were all human,” a commenter said.

“Bear you just need to focus on yourself and speak to your parents, you’re so close with your dad, speak to him. He loves you. I’m sure he can help you work through stuff,” commented fellow Challenge competitor Jennifer West.

“C’mon Bear, don’t play like this! Whatever it is you’re dealing with, you’ll get through it. Look at the comments, you’ve got a lot of friends and fans out there who love and support you. Me being one of them,” The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas commented.

According to a report from The Tab, Georgia Harrison reportedly contacted police in Dubai upon learning of the alarming video that Bear posted, indicating she was “concerned.”

Bear reveals he attempted suicide

Following the above video, Stephen Bear disappeared from his social media for about five days before posting again. He shared a video of himself with a 50 Cent song playing as he was preparing to go down a waterslide.

He also revealed in a lengthy message in his caption that he had attempted suicide. Part of the caption tells everyone he is OK. Bear said that he “lost” himself for a few years and “forgot” who he was.

“Been feeling very lost and confused in this world for a long time and I’ve kept a mask on to entertain, but it’s left me feeling so sad. Sometimes I’m really happy then all of a sudden I get really sad,” he said in part of the caption.

He goes on to describe his suicide attempt, saying he took sleeping pills.

“I’ve read all the nice messages and happy to hear very kind words. I’m not proud to say this but I attempted to kill myself after I posted my last video. I ran the bath and took 18 sleeping tablets just to numb the pain I was feeling because alcohol didn’t work,” he shared.

“All I remember, I was in complete darkness and was gliding towards a bright light. I turned around and I pulled myself out of the bath and put my fingers down my throat and was sick everywhere,” Bear said.


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Bear also shared that since his suicide attempt, he got help and is in therapy. While he says he has never liked talking to someone else about his problems, he tells fans he will “give it a go.”

He indicated in his post’s caption that he plans to get married and start a family one day. He also mentioned he wants to live in Dubai and plans to take some time away from social media.

While some fans are questioning Bear’s recent posts, many people hope that he is getting the help he needs with counseling as he said in his recent Instagram update.

The Challenge airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on MTV. 

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