Johnny Bananas escapes to Catalina Island for new show, replies to fan about returning to The Challenge

johnny bananas escapes to catalina-island-new-show-replies to fan about the challenge return
The Challenge’s Johnny Bananas hanging out while on a trip for his new show. Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

When it comes to The Challenge champions, many people consider the all-time greatest to be Johnny Bananas Devenanzio since he’s won seven times on the show.

His most recent win was The Challenge: Total Madness last season, and a lot of fans were disappointed he didn’t come back as part of the Double Agents cast.

However, he’s still on television, with a new show that he’s been part of for several months. Bananas recently showed off some images from one of the trips he took, which appeared on that show.

Johnny Bananas shows exclusive Catalina Island photos

Johnny Bananas is currently starring in his own show called 1st Look TV. It airs late at night on weekends, right after Saturday Night Live has ended.

The show features the reality TV star as he visits new places, meets new people, and experiences new things firsthand. It has included Johnny visiting a haunted estate, trying out competitive eating, being a chef, and performing duties as a junior firefighter.

For the recent episode, Bananas traveled to the gorgeous Catalina Island, which is off the coast of Southern California in the Gulf of Santa Catalina.

While viewers saw many things during the episode, Bananas also took to his Instagram to share additional images from the trip in a photo dump.

The photo series (below) shows Johnny Bananas enjoying a drink on the beach, ziplining, relaxing in a hammock with his girlfriend Morgan Willett nearby, and even riding a horse.


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A post shared by Johnny Bananas (@realjohnnybananas)

In another Instagram photo post, Bananas showed himself lying underwater in a swimming pool while his girlfriend was up above, seated on the edge of the pool.

“Who said hitting rock bottom was bad ?,” The Challenge champion wrote in his caption, with Morgan commenting on the image.

“Can’t be too bad with that view above ??‍♀️,” she wrote, prompting Bananas to joke he had his eyes closed so his contacts wouldn’t fall out.


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A post shared by Johnny Bananas (@realjohnnybananas)

Interestingly, a fan commented on Bananas’ photo dump on Instagram about returning to The Challenge in the future.

“Miss watching you on The Challenge. Hope you’ll come back in the future,” the fan wrote.

“Thanks man! We’ll see,” Bananas replied, giving fans some hope for Season 37 or beyond.

bananas comments to fan about returning to the challenge
Pic credit: @realjohnnybananas/Instagram

At the very least, Johnny has left the door open to return to the show that helped make him the star he is, but fans can’t blame him for pursuing other career opportunities.

Watch Bananas in full 1st Look TV episode

Now that the 1st Look TV episode has officially aired, the complete 21-minute adventure is also available on their official YouTube channel.

Fans can see Johnny Bananas all of Catalina Island’s beauty in the video below featuring his escape to Catalina Island.

The YouTube channel offers additional episodes and clips for fans to enjoy. The next episode will officially premiere there on December 27, 2020, featuring Bananas’ “plans and resolutions for 2021.”

So The Challenge viewers can still get plenty of Johnny Bananas on TV or streaming video even if he’s not competing on the MTV show.

1st Look TV airs on Sundays at 1/12c, right after Saturday Night Live on NBC.

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