The Challenge star Cara Maria Sorbello hints at return to show: ‘I won’t let you down’

cara maria sorbello on war of the worlds 2
Cara Maria Sorbello last appeared in The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season. Pic credit: MTV

Cara Maria Sorbello seems ready to redeem herself with fans and critics, as she recently teased a potential return to compete in The Challenge.

The two-time champion was reminiscing over a previous season and shared several photos from her time on the War of the Worlds 2 season.

That was the last time Cara appeared on the show alongside her boyfriend Paulie Calafiore, whom she’s continued dating since their MTV Challenge appearance.

However, the duo has been noticeably absent since WOTW 2, with many of their fans wondering if they’d ever get a call to return.

Based on Cara’s recent Instagram Story slides, she seemingly indicated she would be back and promised her fans she wouldn’t disappoint.

This report will contain spoilers in the final section regarding when and where Cara might return.

Cara shares throwback photos from War of the Worlds 2

Based on Cara’s recent IG Story slides, she felt a lot of hate came her way from the War of the Worlds 2 season. As mentioned, she was there with Paulie, and the couple ran an alliance from Team USA, looking to eliminate their strongest competition without going into eliminations themselves.

That included a shocking backstab move by Paulie to get Johnny Bananas eliminated and repeated attempts to oust Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal from the game. Jordan and Tori eventually opted to use the game’s twist to switch to Team UK, which worked well, as Jordan was among the final winners.

That season also featured the memorable proposal when Jordan won an elimination and then got down on one knee to propose to Tori. Cara rolled her eyes and wasn’t a fan of their moment, which even had her boyfriend Paulie calling her out a bit during the show.

Ultimately, Cara and Paulie reached the WOTW 2 final with several castmates, including Zach Nichols, Kam Williams, and Ashley Mitchell, but lost to a superior Team UK.

“@heathercooke13 just randomly checked in on me the other night Funny to see this! If you love me skip war of the worlds 2 please. I promise I make it up to u soon,” Cara wrote with a series of emojis next to it.

cara maria teases return to the challenge
Cara Maria Sorbello teases return to compete. Pic credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram

In another slide, Cara shared a photo of herself standing sideways in minimal black attire with calm water in the background. Cara also holds a camera, as she’s known for her photography skills outside of the show.

“Sooo according to a flood of DMS… apparently the war of the world 2 cara haters were loud but very few. Cuz the love i am seeing right now is stupid strong. Thank you!!!! I promise I won’t let you down,” she wrote on the slide.

cara maria on potential return to the challenge
Cara Maria says she won’t let fans down. Pic credit: @misscaramaria/Instagram

Will Cara return for MTV’s The Challenge?

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 was MTV’s 34th season and took place in 2019, so it’s been four years since fans have seen the two-time champion grace their screens.

Since then, Bananas and CT have won more championships. Newcomers Amber Borzotra and Kaycee Clark have also become champions, and Tori Deal won her first season alongside Devin Walker.

Fans are likely wondering if Cara will ever be back on MTV to attempt to add a third title to her resume. After all, she was mentioned as one of the GOATs during MTV’s The Challenge Untold History docuseries.

Interestingly, she wasn’t among those speaking about the show she’s been part of and won two championships on. She wasn’t among the MTV Legends who appeared for The Challenge: World Championship either.

Based on online spoilers, Cara won’t make her return appearance on MTV’s The Challenge. However, she will return for the spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars 4. As of this writing, there’s no premiere date for the series, but it could arrive once the World Championship season finishes on Paramount Plus.

All Stars gives Cara another potential show to win, adding to her Challenge accolades. According to her, at the very least, she will win over the haters and win more support from her fans.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 4 is TBA for Paramount Plus.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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