The Challenge: World Championship cast: Who are the teams of MVPs and Legends?

zara zoffany and wes bergmann on the challenge world championship
Zara Zoffany and Wes Bergmann team up for The Challenge: World Championship. Pic credit: Paramount+

With The Challenge: World Championship, legendary competitors from MTV’s The Challenge are teaming up with global MVPs in an attempt to become world champions.

Among the Legends in the game are Johnny Bananas, Wes Bergmann, Darrell Taylor, Jonna Mannion, Nia Moore, and Jordan Wiseley.

MVPs include some of the winners, finalists, and other competitors from The Challenge: Argentina, Australia, USA, and UK spinoffs.

Among them are USA winners Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina and Australia’s winners Troy Cullen and Kiki Morris.

Within the first episode, the Legends and viewers got to see how the MVPs performed, including an opening qualifier challenge and a first elimination between two of the women.

Once that was all decided, each MVP got to pick a Legends partner for the season, creating teams of two.

The Challenge: World Championship teams feature Legends and MVPs

At the start of The Challenge: World Championship Episode 2, host TJ Lavin told the MVPs that they’d each choose a Legends partner to create man and woman pairs.

The MVP draft went by order of performance in the opening qualifier. Those who finished first got the first pick, and so forth until the last-place performers were automatically given the last Legends as partners.

The first pick went to Australia’s Grant Crapp, who opted for Jonna, the two-time All Stars winner. Zara Zoffany had second pick and chose the two-time MTV Challenge champ Wes, who is also a recent All Stars winner.

Next up, USA finalist Ben Driebergen chose Spies, Lies & Allies champ Kaycee Clark. Kaz Crossley from the UK picked three-time Challenge winner Jordan.

The draft continued until Nelson Thomas and KellyAnne Judd were the last Legends on the ground level and partnered with last-place MVPs Jujuy Jimenez and Tristan Phipps, respectively.

the challenge world championship teams image
A look at The Challenge: World Championship teams. Pic credit: @jaychallenge1/Instagram

Below is the complete draft order and The Challenge: World Championship teams.

  1. Grant Crapp (AUS MVP) & Jonna Mannion (Legend)
  2. Zara Zoffany (UK MVP) & Wes Bergmann (Legend)
  3. Ben Driebergen (US MVP) & Kaycee Clark (Legend)
  4. Kaz Crossley (UK MVP) & Jordan Wiseley (Legend)
  5. Danny McCray (US MVP) & Tori Deal (Legend)
  6. Justine Ndiba (US MVP) & Johnny Bananas (Legend)
  7. Carlos (ARG MVP) & Jodi Weatherton (Legend)
  8. Kiki Morris (AUS MVP) & Darrell Taylor (Legend)
  9. Rodrigo Cascon (ARG MVP ) & Nia Moore (Legends)
  10. Emily Seebohn (AUS MVP) & Yes Duffy (Legends)
  11. Troy Cullen (AUS MVP) & Amber Borzotra (Legends)
  12. Sarah Lacina (US MVP) & Theo Campbell (Legends)
  13. Tristan Phipps (UK MVP) & KellyAnne Judd (Legends)
  14. Jujuy Jimenez (ARG MVP) & Nelson Thomas (Legends)

Ahead of the draft, Claudia Albertario lost in an opening elimination to Kiki. In addition, TJ revealed the UK’s Nathan Henry got disqualified and had to leave the show.

How do eliminations work for the World Championship?

Each episode typically includes a daily challenge, and the winning team of that challenge is safe from elimination. They also receive major power in the game, getting to decide which team goes into elimination.

The losing team in that daily challenge automatically goes into elimination. From there, the rest of the cast, with the exception of the losing and winning teams, decides on two teams to nominate for elimination.

The daily challenge winners get to choose which of those two teams goes into the elimination matchup.

From there, the two teams battle it out at The Zone, with the losers eliminated and winners presumably rejoining the cast to continue their quest to win The Challenge: World Championship and $500,000.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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