The Challenge spoilers: Winners revealed for first-ever Challenge World Championship

the challenge host tj lavin
The host of The Challenge World Championship is rumored to be MTV host TJ Lavin, with other spinoff hosts also appearing. Pic credit: MTV

For the past several weeks, a show to determine the first-ever world champions for The Challenge has been filming in South Africa.

This show features various cast members from MTV’s competition series, as well as The Challenge: USA and the international spinoffs for Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Among them are former champions and finalists, including the winners of each spinoff show. The Challenge: USA’s Danny McCray and Sarah Lacina are the only individuals officially known as competing in the show as of this writing.

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They competed with other spinoff winners, finalists, and some true legends of the game, with one man and woman emerging as the first-ever Challenge World Champions.

According to details revealed online, those winners came from two different worlds in terms of the competition, with one potentially moving up into the conversation with a few other legendary competitors.

This report will contain spoilers for the yet-to-be-released spinoff series based on MTV’s The Challenge.

The Challenge World Championship winners revealed

Based on details shared in a Vevmo spoilers thread, a field of competitors departed to film in South Africa in mid-October and just recently wrapped up the final.

It appears there were eight competitors in that final, with four men and four women among the finalists. They included Jordan Wiseley, Theo Campbell, Danny McCray, and Troy Cullen for the men. The women’s finalists included Tori Deal, Kaycee Clark, Sarah Lacina, and Kazimir “Kaz” Crossley.

Based on an update on the Vevmo forum thread, Jordan and Kaz outlasted the six other competitors at the final. It’s unknown if they did so as a duo or were competing individually against the other men and women.

Jordan, 33, is a three-time winner of MTV’s The Challenge. He most recently appeared in The Challenge: All Stars 3 on Paramount Plus and the currently-airing Ride or Dies season on MTV.

Kaz, 28, originally appeared in Love Island UK and will appear among the competitors in The Challenge: UK spinoff show. There are spoilers for who won the four Challenge spinoffs, also including the shows in Argentina and Australia.

Other details for The Challenge global final

Based on other details, this Challenge global final will be similar in duration to the ones seen on MTV or the spinoffs. Pink Rose indicated in a forum thread that “it was just the normal 3 days thing” like other finals.

In terms of prize money, The Challenge World Championship winners are rumored to split $500,000. This hasn’t been officially confirmed but was shared by GamerVev on Twitter (below).

That prize amount is in line with what the winners of spinoffs The Challenge: All Stars 3 and The Challenge: USA received, but half of what is given away on recent seasons of MTV’s The Challenge.

winners of the challenge global prize money
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

That would give Jordan another $250,000 in prize money before taxes, adding to his overall Challenge winnings of $833,000. Theoretically, it has him fourth overall amongst all-time Challengers in terms of money won. At $1,083,000, he’s ranked just below Ashley “Millionaire” Mitchell, who has $1,125,000.

Ahead of them on the list is Johnny Bananas with $1,184,000 and Chris “CT” Tamburello at $1,365,000 in total prize money won during their Challenge careers.

Will this fuel a Jordan is the greatest Challenger of all-time debate? Fans will likely have him up there with Challenge legends Bananas and CT in heated discussions.

With the final concluded, champions crowned, and filming finished, the show’s episodes should be on the way for 2023. Within the next few months or early 2023, fans might get an official teaser trailer, trailer, and cast reveal as well as a premiere date for The Challenge World Championship’s first episode.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge World Championship is TBA for Paramount Plus.

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