The Challenge spoilers: Season 38 cast members share social media posts during paused filming

the challenge double agents cast members on location
Cast members on location for MTV’s The Challenge: Double Agents season. Pic credit: MTV

Several cast members rumored to be in The Challenge Season 38 have shared social media posts while filming was supposed to begin in the past week.

However, that is due to the recently-rumored Season 38 filming pause revealed online over the weekend. The cast is on location for filming in Argentina, but due to someone testing positive for COVID-19, they’ve temporarily halted production.

This report will contain spoilers for several potential cast members in The Challenge Season 38.

Challenge vets on location share new IG posts with fans

Typically when a new season of The Challenge begins filming, cast members have their phones confiscated so they can’t communicate with the outside world. That’s why viewers see cast calling home to family or significant others using video calls during episodes.

Production likely returned phones to cast members due to Season 38’s filming shutdown. That could mean some of the recent social media posts from rumored cast members Tori Deal, Johnny Bananas, and Jay Starrett came from them, although they could also have someone else running their accounts while away.

On Saturday, Tori Deal’s Instagram got a new black and white photo of the Spies, Lies & Allies finalist. Tori, wearing an oversized button-up and bikini top or bra, tells her fans and followers to “Be centered and safe.”

In addition to Tori’s recent post, one of her returning castmates also shared an Instagram post. Former Survivor star and two-time Challenge competitor Jay Starrett, or one of his friends, was active on the Gram.

In a series of photos where he attempted to flex and show off his physique next to the much more muscular Billy Reilich, Jay encouraged others to get out to the gym.

In the comments, a fan wished Jay good luck on The Challenge, most likely referring to Season 38. Jay or someone replying on his behalf asked the fan what they were talking about.

fan wishes challenge star jay starrett good luck
Pic credit: @jqskim/Instagram

Bananas shares guitar video, replies to former castmate

Johnny Bananas is rumored to be one of the Season 38 veteran cast members, as the seven-time champ is looking to add more titles to his Challenge resume. He’s shared several posts over the past week, including a video (below) of himself playing guitar.

He plays and sings an acoustic cover of a Lumineers song in the two-minute video while seated on a dock in front of a lake or river. It’s unknown when or where Bananas filmed the video, but he may have prepped some content before leaving for Season 38 or simply shared it from his phone’s library of content.

He also received a comment from OG castmate Cohutta Grindstaff, who joked about Bananas’ “G string” being “a little flat.” That prompted a funny response from Bananas saying his G string is “actually a little tight,” which led to some of his high-pitched vocals.

bananas replies cohutta grindstaff ig comment
Pic credit: @johnnybananas/Instagram

Fans may see more posts popping up from Bananas, Tori, and Jay in the next few days, although filming is set to resume on Tuesday. After that, assuming everything is moving along as planned, any IG posts will likely arrive online from others helping out The Challenge stars while filming.

The Challenge Season 38 is TBA on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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