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The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2 season format and elimination matchups revealed

the challenge all stars cast members after daily challenge
The Challenge: All Stars will bring back several cast members for Season 2. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge: All Stars 2 spoilers continue to arrive as filming seems closer to finished in Cancun, Mexico. After several weeks of daily challenges, eliminations, and a slight pause for quarantine, TJ Lavin’s final is rumored to be close to finished.

With the 10 finalists revealed, it’s still unknown how the final will work in terms of partners, teams, and total prize money breakdown. However, recent spoilers have arrived to show what the season’s format is for teams.

In addition, some of the elimination matchups have been revealed, hinting at what could be one intense event that takes place between two OGs.

The Challenge spoilers: How will All Stars 2 season work?

For the first season of All Stars, viewers saw competitors divided into teams for several daily challenges. In a few of the dailies, it was partners, and a few were also solo events.

Season 1 eliminations started as single events, with a men’s day and then a women’s day. Typically, there was a man and woman as captains of teams. The daily challenge losing team’s captain automatically went into elimination, and then the rest of the cast voted in their opponent.

As the episodes moved forward, it changed to teammates in elimination, with the worst-performing man and woman from the daily challenge going in together.

They’d face an opponent that the rest of the competitors voted in. That voted-in opponent then chose a partner of the opposite sex to team with them for elimination.

For The Challenge: All Stars 2, the format changes slightly, as revealed by @GamerVev on Twitter (below). The daily challenges started as “random pairs or individuals” before becoming pairs.

As far as elimination, the last place pair or individual from the daily challenge automatically gets sent into elimination. The winning team nominates potential opponents, and then the rest of the cast votes for who goes in to face the last-place team.

gamervev posts the challenge all stars 2 season spoilers
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

It’s a slight change from the previous season, in that the winning team is given more power than in All Stars’ first season. In the first season, the winning team was safe from going into elimination.

There was also an early twist where one player could use a Lifesaver to save someone voted into elimination. That happened once and caused chaos, as Mark Long saved Katie Cooley from elimination, resulting in the rest of the cast voting for a replacement.

The majority voted for Arissa Hill to go into elimination, with her cursing them out for it. She ended up flipping off her castmates and quitting as she walked off the set, which allowed Beth Stolarczyk to survive the elimination by default.

All stars 2 Elimination results tease interesting matchups

Based on The Challenge spoilers for All Stars 2 season, 10 competitors are remaining out of the original cast, thanks to eliminations over the past several months.

The @GamerVev Twitter also shared several of the elimination matchups and results that happened in the second season. A few stand out right off the bat, including Real World star Melinda Stolp eliminating Road Rules star Tina Barta.

Based on other spoilers and rumors from @GamerVev on Twitter, Tina quit in her elimination. It’s unknown what caused her to quit or exit the show, though. Tina had some heated moments in previous Challenge seasons, with her incident with Beth Stolarczyk among the highlights.

the challenge all stars 2 spoilers for elimination matchups on twitter
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

The other standout matchup looks to be Brad Fiorenza versus Derrick Kosinski. The two have been castmates several times before, so they know one another well. Both have had impressive eliminations in the past.

Derrick said after All Stars Season 1, he was disappointed he never got to do an elimination, so it appears he got his wish. Unfortunately, he was on the losing side.

The eliminations ultimately whittled the cast down to just five men and five women. After making it in the first season, Darrell Taylor and Jonna Mannion are among the competitors back in the final. They’re either competing in the final now or set to start the final soon with big prize money on the line!

The Challenge: All Stars 2 is TBA for Paramount Plus in 2021. Season 1 episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus.

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