The Challenge spoilers: 13 men revealed as USA competitors for global tournament

danny mccray among the challenge global tournament competitors
The Challenge: USA winner Danny McCray will compete in a global tournament with other show winners. Pic credit: MTV

Some of the best competitors in the history of The Challenge will put their physical and mental skills to the test in a global tournament to crown the first-ever Challenge world champion.

Challenge fans learned about the inaugural competition earlier this year, ahead of the launch of CBS’ spinoff, The Challenge: USA.

The USA show was one of four Challenge spinoff shows, with the winners becoming eligible to compete in the global tournament.

Those winners were former Survivor stars Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray, who were the only finalists to reach the finish line.

The names of other American competitors who will join Danny and Sarah in the tournament recently arrived online, with the men’s side featuring several multi-time champs.

This report will contain spoilers, including the names of the winners of The Challenge: Ride or Dies season currently airing on MTV.

Danny McCray among 13 USA men in global tournament

Several months ago, CBS revealed The Challenge: USA winners in the final episode of the spinoff season. Danny was the first competitor to complete all checkpoints and reach the finish line, followed by fellow Survivor star Sarah.

With that, they each won a share of $500,000, and host TJ Lavin also revealed they would head to The Challenge global tournament.

Based on online spoilers and speculation, 12 other men from The Challenge will join Danny. It’s unknown if they are all officially part of the cast, or some might be alternates and replacements.

Leading the way is the all-time winningest Challenge star, Johnny Bananas. The seven-time champion is joined by four-time winner Darrell Taylor and three-time winners Derrick Kosinski and Jordan Wiseley.

All three winners of The Challenge: All Stars are also included, with Yes Duffy, MJ Garrett, and Wes Bergmann seemingly part of the tournament field.

Several other recent All Stars competitors are also part of the group. Brad Fiorenza and Nehemiah Clark appeared in at least two seasons of the spinoff, and the two former Challenge champs are headed to the global tournament.

MTV is currently airing its Ride or Dies season, the 38th installment of the competition series, and its two winners will also participate in the global tournament.

Devin Walker is among those two winners and will compete in the global tournament. In a previous report, spoilers revealed Devin’s Ride or Dies partner, Tori Deal, as one of the American women in the tournament.

Lastly, two of Danny’s Challenge: USA co-stars who didn’t reach the final are shown as part of the tournament field. Kyland Young and Ben Driebergen are rumored to participate. Kyland was eliminated in Episode 7 with his teammate Kyra Green, while Ben got disqualified after a brutal injury just before the final.

The most noticeable absence amongst the competitors revealed so far is Chris “CT” Tamburello, who has five wins on MTV’s show, the second most of any cast member.

Additional Challenge global tournament details

The Challenge global tournament will also feature competitors from spinoff shows consisting of cast members from Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Those shows were to film after The Challenge: USA, with the winners also eligible to compete in the world tournament.

Based on online details, The Challenge global tournament will take place in South Africa, with the cast expected to depart in late October or early November.

As of this report, it’s unknown if the tournament has a unique format or will follow the format that The Challenge traditionally uses with daily challenges, eliminations, and a season-ending final.

However, viewers can watch it all unfold on Paramount+ once it’s filmed and edited. Episodes will likely become available sometime in early 2023.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: USA episodes are available on Paramount+.

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