The Challenge Season 40 spoilers: Insider reveals surprising winners update

tj lavin face shot from the challenge season 39 on mtv
The Challenge host TJ Lavin could see a unique situation in the Season 40 final. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 40 completed filming months ago, with spoilers revealing the show’s winners.

While the results aren’t confirmed, a generally reliable insider initially provided the spoilers about who won Season 40.

However, sometimes additional details arrive weeks later, providing new insight into The Challenge results.

That appears to be the case with Season 40, as the insider recently revealed new information about how competitors finished in the final.

Based on the details, an interesting twist may come with the results and prizes for the final, as unlike The Challenge: All Stars 4, there will be more than one winner.

This report will contain potential spoilers for The Challenge Season 40, including finalists and winners.

Insider reveals updated results for Season 40 final

The Challenge superfan and insider @GamerVev, aka @mtvchallengeinsider, recently posted a surprising update for MTV’s Season 40.

GamerVev indicated that a tie occurred between two females who completed the final.

The screenshotted tweet said, “Due to their ‘Karma’ points, Rachel and Jenny are supposedly tied.”

“I’m unsure if they will split the money or what will happen to break the tie at the reunion,” GamerVev mentioned.

instagram screenshot from mtvchallengeinsider about season 40 results
A superfan and insider for The Challenge spoilers shares an update about Season 40. Pic credit: @mtvchallengeinsider/Instagram

Competing against them in the final were first-time finalist Michele Fitzgerald and Ride or Dies winner Tori Deal.

What does the update mean for The Challenge 40?

Weeks ago, Season 40 results spoilers indicated that Jordan Wiseley finished first among the male competitors, while Rachel Robinson finished first among the female competitors.

That initially meant Rachel won her third season of The Challenge, joining Veronica Portillo and Evelyn Smith as the only three-time winners among MTV’s female competitors.

Jenny West previously won the Total Madness season, finishing first for the women, while Johnny Bananas was first for the men. If Jenny receives a win for Season 40, it will become her second winning season of MTV’s Challenge out of three appearances.

The spoilers update also adds a potential twist regarding how the prize money gets awarded to the finalists. According to the Vevmo forum, the Season 40 prizes were $400,000 each for the winners, $75,000 each for second place, and $25,000 each for third place.

Based on the spoilers update, viewers could see three winners of The Challenge due to Jenny and Rachel’s tie or something completely different. There could also be a tiebreaker situation that happens at the reunion to keep viewers watching after the final is completed.

So far, there have been no teases about Season 40 coming to MTV. However, with All Stars 4 recently ending on Paramaount+, news about the premiere of MTV’s epic 40th season may happen within the next several months.

The Challenge: All Stars 4 episodes are available on Paramount+. The Challenge Season 40 is TBA for MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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