The Challenge Season 40 spoilers: Epic 40-person cast revealed as stars depart for filming location

host tj lavin face shot from the challenge 39 on mtv
The Challenge host TJ Lavin is likely to return for Season 40 along with what could be the show’s best cast ever. Pic credit: MTV

Fans may get an exciting installment of The Challenge as Season 40 spoilers have arrived, showing the rumored cast members departing to film.

With Season 39, viewers saw a cast of mostly newer Challengers looking to become first-time champions.

That meant only a few former finalists and brief appearances from 10 of The Challenge winners, including Tori Deal, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Chris “CT” Tamburello.

Throughout the MTV season, fans expressed disappointment at not seeing more of their favorites competing on the show.

Based on spoilers that arrived online, Season 40 will feature many more familiar and favorite faces returning to the show.

Remember that this report contains early spoilers for the potential cast of The Challenge Season 40.

The Challenge Season 40’s rumored cast revealed

An extensive cast list has started to arrive through known spoiler accounts online, including GamerVev on Twitter or @mtvchallengeinsider on Instagram.

Since it’s Season 40, it only makes sense for the cast shown so far to consist of 40 people, as it was rumored MTV would go big for what is possibly a final season for the network.

Among the significant stars being revealed for Season 40 of The Challenge are seven-time winner Johnny Bananas, five-time winner CT, three-time winner Jordan Wiseley, and recent Ride or Dies winners Tori Deal and Devin Walker.

Other champions revealed for the show include Jenny West, Kaycee Clark, Mark Long, Laurel Stucky, Cara, Darrell Taylor, Derrick Kosinski, Brad Fiorenza, and two-time All Stars winner Jonna Mannion.

The @mtvchallengeinsider Instagram account posted a carousel post (below) with two images featuring the faces of the rumored cast members departing for Season 40.

Fan favorites include Leroy Garrett, Cory Wharton, Amanda Garcia, Paulie Calafiore, Josh Martinez, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, Theo Campbell, and Tony Raines. Also returning is Season 39’s favorite showmance couple, Nurys Mateo and Horacio Gutierrez.

It wouldn’t be fun without sprinkling some drama from the previous season. It appears that Jay Starrett, Michele Fitzgerald, Kyland Young, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley, and Olivia Kaiser also got called back.

Many MTV OGs who appeared in recent seasons of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff are also listed among the departing cast. They include Tina Barta, Jasmine Reynaud, Derek Chavez, Derick Kosinski, and Nehemiah Clark.

Some surprises are also part of the cast, including Emily Schromm, who hasn’t appeared on The Challenge since winning Rivals II. Former finalist and recent All Stars 4 cast member Jay Gotti is there, as is former Road Rules and Challenge star Aviv Melmed, who won the first Fresh Meat season.

Of course, one individual not shown with the cast above is longtime host TJ Lavin, who is also expected to return for this epic MTV season.

Was The Challenge Season 40 format revealed?

As of this report, no show title or format was specified in spoilers. Based on the cast members shown for Season 40, a breakdown of who’s included may reveal the next MTV season’s theme.

There are 20 Challenge champions and over 20 individuals who have yet to win the Challenge. So this could be a 40-person season featuring man-woman pairs of Challenge winners and non-winners competing for the top prize.

Rumored Season 40 cast (champions):

  • Aviv Melmed
  • Brad Fiorenza
  • Cara Maria Sorbello
  • CT Tamburello
  • Darrell Taylor
  • Derrick Kosinski
  • Devin Walker
  • Emily Schromm
  • Jenny West
  • Jodi Weatherton
  • Jonna Mannion
  • Johnny Bananas
  • Jordan Wiseley
  • Katie Cooley
  • Kaycee Clark
  • Laurel Stucky
  • Mark Long
  • Nehemiah Clark
  • Rachel Robinson
  • Tori Deal

That could make it a sequel to Battle For a New Champion, as an individual who has never won the show could win under that format. However, there’s also the potential for twists and changes as the season progresses.

Rumored Season 40 cast (non-champions):

  • Amanda Garcia
  • Aneesa Ferreira
  • Averey Tressler
  • Brandon Nelson
  • Cory Wharton
  • Derek Chavez
  • Horacio Gutierrez
  • Jay Starrett
  • Josh Martinez
  • KellyAnne Judd
  • Kyland Young
  • Leroy Garrett
  • Michele Fitzgerald
  • Nia Moore
  • Nurys Mateo
  • Olivia Kaiser
  • Paulie Calafiore
  • Ryan Kehoe
  • Theo Campbell
  • Tina Bridges
  • Tony Raines
  • Tula “Big T” Fazakerley

As of now, this is just a rumored cast list, which is subject to change.

The cast members revealed via online rumors, and spoilers could include several alternates. There’s always a big chance that names on the above lists change.

Some cast members could get dropped or back out due to an inability to commit to the filming duration or other life events. Check out the complete cast list with updates via the Vevmo spoilers thread.

When will The Challenge Season 40 film and when will it premiere on MTV?

The cast is rumored to leave soon for Vietnam, where Season 40 will start filming. In the coming weeks and months, spoilers will reveal any changes to the cast, elimination results, and who wins Season 40.

With that in mind, it’s hard to tell how many episodes will be in Season 40. It could be another 19-episode season like Battle For a New Champion or shorter.

Fans have The Challenge: All Stars 4 premiering on Wednesday, April 10, on the Paramount+ streaming platform. That should provide plenty of entertainment for a month or so as Season 40 starts filming.

With that in mind, it may not be until late summer or early fall of 2024 that there’s a premiere or official announcement about MTV’s The Challenge Season 40. However, based on the rumored cast circulating online, it could be well worth the wait!

The Challenge: All Stars 4 premieres Wednesday, April 10 on Paramount+.

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Schoen Sevedge
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Haven’t we had enough ofJay and Michelle shoved at us!

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john doe
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