The Challenge’s Nurys Mateo says she ‘won regardless’ of her Battle For a New Champion finish

the challenge star nurys mateo face shot from battle for a new champion episode 19
Nurys Mateo finished in second place at The Challenge Season 39 final. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion has officially concluded with a first-time winner crowned for MTV’s competition series.

After outlasting six other competitors in the final, Emanuel Neagu officially took first place with $250,000 and the title of Challenge champion.

Meanwhile, there was a second-place finalist, who many fans believe was robbed of being the season’s women’s winner.

Nurys Mateo won two straight eliminations and ousted four castmates en route to her first Challenge final. There, she won another elimination to remain a finalist.

Ultimately, she crossed the finish line ahead of Colleen Schneider, Corey Lay, and Berna Canbeldek to place second and claim $60,000 in prize money.

With that, an emotional roller coaster of a season ended for the Ride or Dies rookie, who has come a long way since her previous reality TV days.

Nurys comments on her Season 39

Taking to Instagram, Nurys uploaded a video clip of her second-place finish from Season 39, Episode 19. In the clip, she spoke about how the weeks of filming have “been pretty hard,” recalling moments of backstabbing and betrayal.

In her confessional, she choked back tears as she said she’d “lost faith in being able to do this” but proved to herself she was stronger than she thought.

“Everything is just kind of hitting me right now,” she said in her Episode 19 interview as she was shown running to the finish line where TJ Lavin and Emanuel were cheering her on.

“I feel on top of the world. I can’t believe I just finished my first final and came in second place,” she said in her post-final interview.

She included a meaningful caption with her IG post expressing her hopes that her Season 39 performance would inspire others.

“FIRST PLACE FEMALE AND 2ND OVERALL?! WOW 🥹 This one is for all the people that doubt themselves, the people who have been told ‘No’ and the ‘underdogs’… Never underestimate the power of a comeback. Second place today can fuel the fire to become first tomorrow,” Nurys said in her caption.

“Believe in yourself, even when others doubt, and let your persistence and resilience be your greatest victory! I hope my journey has inspired you to stay strong, never give up and believe that your dreams CAN come true,” she shared.

Nurys says she ‘won regardless’ and is ‘getting stronger’ each day

In another Instagram carousel post, Nurys said she “won regardless” due to having her man, Horacio Gutierrez, by her side.

The pair linked up in a surprising showmance for them both during Season 39. Neither one had expressed interest in the other during their rookie season, Ride or Dies, due to other interests in the house and game.

Multiple photos in Nurys’ carousel post feature her with Horacio in Big Bear Lake, California. Several images feature the couple smiling side by side or kissing in front of the beautiful outdoor scenery.

So where does Nurys go from here? According to another of her IG posts, she’s improving daily and just completed another first.

In one of her carousel photos, she posed in front of the Spartan website and yellow logo. Nurys flexed and was all smiles with a yellow ribbon and medal hanging around her neck.

“My first @spartan race in the books 🏅 Pushing myself to be the best version of myself I can be which means getting faster, stronger and smarter every day 💪🏽,” she wrote in her caption.

Nurys continues to improve herself and her abilities, which is the sign of someone who wants to return and claim that Challenge championship. Time will tell if it happens in Season 40 or after that, but based on Battle For a New Champion, the sky’s the limit for her as she pursues competitive excellence.

The Challenge: Battle For a New Champion airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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