The Challenge Season 38, Episode 5 sneak peek teases Bananas’ showmance and OG power moves

the challenge star johnny bananas in ride or dies interview scene
Johnny Bananas during a confessional interview for The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge isn’t known only for the competition, strategy, and drama but also for the occasional hookup or showmance.

The Ride or Dies season has already featured a few hints of showmances, including Nelson Thomas’ interest in Olivia Kaiser and Faysal Shafaat’s interest in Colleen Schneider.

There was also that love triangle featuring rookies Johnny Middlebrooks, Nurys Mateo, and Ravy Rochelle.

When Season 38, Episode 5 arrives, it appears the show’s major star, Johnny Bananas, is also pursuing a love interest in the house.

Based on a sneak peek of the episode, Bananas has taken an interest in Faysal’s rookie teammate, Moriah Jadea, who admits in confessional he’s not necessarily her type.

This report may contain spoilers for MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies into Episode 5.

The Challenge 38, Episode 5 sneak peek arrives

Ahead of The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 5 airing, MTV unveiled a sneak peek clip showing Bananas chatting up Moriah while she’s in the pool at the house.

“Bananas is not usually my type,” Moriah says in a confessional interview, adding, “But since his personality is so amazing, I do think that Bananas is cute, but my mom told me to be careful [of] him. She told me that he’s a sneaky snake.”

Along with that tease of Bananas’ pursuit of Moriah, there’s more mention of Horacio’s interest in a certain veteran castmate.

“When I’m talking to Olivia, it’s more like just game, game, game, game, and when I have a step back, and I can talk to Laurel [Stucky], it really just relaxes me,” Horacio says in the clip. 

There’s also a hint that two OGs are looking to flex their power in the game. Darrell Taylor says he doesn’t know any of the newbies in the game, and Veronica Portillo is the only one who has his back there. That brings some strategizing for the OGs.

Check out the sneak peek for Ride or Dies Episode 5 in the Instagram video below.

The Challenge OGs consider strategies

In the clip above, Veronica and Darrell are shown in a private conversation as they strategize about the Ride or Dies game.

The duo arrived to the show late as one of TJ Lavin’s Heavy Hitters teams, which immediately put a target on them.

In Episode 4, they found themselves among the four teams selected for the potential elimination matchup. The other three teams featured all rookies. However, the OGs got saved at The Draw by rookies Olivia and Horacio.

With that, Darrell and Veronica realize they’re on the outside of all the connections already formed within the house, putting them low in the order of teams that others might save.

“It’s not gonna be an easy ride for us,” Veronica says, with Darrell agreeing, sort of. 

“No, it’s not, but I kinda like it. I kinda like the underdog feeling,” he admits.

The two OGs most recently appeared in The Challenge: All Stars 3 season, with Darrell getting eliminated by Jordan Wiseley and Veronica medically disqualified with a foot injury. Still, the duo has plenty of experience in their Challenge histories, with seven championships between them.

In the clip above, Darrell mentions that the most important thing is for them to win to get some “power” and make moves.

A synopsis for Episode 5 also teased Veronica showing why she’s a “dangerous force in the game,” so it should be interesting to see what the OGs have in store for Ride or Dies.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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