The Challenge Season 38, Episode 5 synopsis teases betrayal among friends and ‘dangerous force’

laurel stucky appearance during the challenge 38 episode 5
Laurel Stucky in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

Friends could become rivals when The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 5 hits MTV, as the latest synopsis teases what’s to come.

Viewers have already seen a bit of drama through the first four episodes, including former friends getting into arguments over the game.

In particular, Nany Gonzalez and her former teammate and friend, Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, had some heated conversations, which ultimately resulted in Turbo going into elimination.

A love triangle also developed early in the season involving rookies Nurys Mateo, Johnny Middlebrooks, and his teammate Ravyn Rochelle.

That led to drama as Ravyn felt Johnny had slighted her upon their arrival to the game as Ride or Dies teammates since he was more focused on his showmance than her. Ultimately, Johnny and Ravyn got eliminated from the competition.

When Episode 5 arrives, a “budding friendship” could fall apart, and one of the OGs might show others why they’re a “dangerous force in the game.”

The Challenge Season 38, Episode 5 title and synopsis

With Ride or Dies Episode 4, the production reworked an Aerosmith song title for the episode’s title, Oliv’n’ on the Edge, which also referred to cast member Olivia Gutierrez.

The fifth episode of MTV’s The Challenge Season 38 seems like a nod to 50 Cent’s classic Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album. Ride or Dies Episode 5 is called Get Rich or Ride or Die Tryin’.

The episode’s synopsis brings some intriguing teases for what’s on the way, including mentions of “betrayal,” an “enemy,” and a “dangerous force.”

“A budding friendship is torn apart by betrayal. One player fears she has made an enemy out of bad*** Laurel. Veronica reminds everyone why she is a dangerous force in the game,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

The synopsis mentions two specific players: Laurel Stucky and Veronica Portillo. Viewers who saw the teaser trailer at the end of Episode 4 saw Michele Fitzgerald conversing with Laurel, and the conversation didn’t seem to be going well for Michele.

As far as the “budding friendship” that could be crumbling, that could be based on the earlier tease that Johnny Bananas and Devin Walker were becoming buddies, or it could be something entirely different.

The Challenge also teased the Episode 5 daily challenge called Royal Relay with an extra special prize for the winning team.

Ride or Dies Episode 5 gives Veronica spotlight

Another part of the Episode 5 synopsis mentions Veronica, who recently joined the game with her friend Darrell Taylor. The OGs immediately got a target on them since they joined the game late and have seven championships between them.

They were among the four teams chosen for elimination, along with three of the rookie teams. They lucked out when Olivia and Horacio Gutierrez drew the “Safe” dagger at The Draw and opted to save the OGs rather than the other rookie team.

There was an inside secret spilled by Ride or Dies star Aneesa Ferreira on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast related to Veronica. Aneesa indicated that Veronica started a rumor that Chris “CT” Tamburello and Cara Maria Sorbello were joining the cast as a surprise team.

She and Aneesa attempted to use that rumor to shake up the rest of the cast, and apparently, it worked, but they could only keep it going for 24 hours.

It’s unknown if that’s going to come into play in Episode 5, as The Challenge production hasn’t been keen on having too much mention of Cara Maria beyond her inclusion in The Challenge Untold History documentary series highlights.

Still, Veronica showed she was a powerful force during her return for The Challenge: All Stars 3 in working with the Treehouse Alliance, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see if she has some other tricks up her sleeve for MTV’s Ride or Dies.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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