The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 4 recap: OGs enter the game and Olivia forms elaborate plan

olivia kaiser in the challenge ride or dies episode 4
Rookie Olivia Kaiser during The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

The Ride or Dies episode opened with host TJ Lavin bringing in another surprise team. This time it was OGs Darrell Taylor and Veronica Portillo, whom TJ talked up as two of the best champs in the show’s history.

Other players were happy to see them, including Amber Borzotra. Nany Gonzalez said in confessional that the fact they came into the game late would give others an excuse to send them in.

Olivia Kaiser chatted with fellow rookies Analyse Talavera and Tommy Bracco about their move at The Draw in Ride or Dies Episode 3. Olivia told them they made themselves look like liars to everyone else. Horacio Gutierrez talked with Laurel Stuckey about not trusting Tommy and Analyse.

A bit of footage showed Laurel hugging a shirtless Horacio. In confessional, she talked about their bunk beds being next to each other in the same room, so she always wakes up seeing him.

Amber was called the “leader of the rookies” by her boyfriend, Chauncey Palmer. Later at a campfire, the castmates hung out and drank. There was a focus on a potential showmance involving Colleen Schneider and Faysal Shafaat.

Colleen said she really likes him in a confessional. A later scene showed Faysal carrying her over to her bed as she giggled. Colleen’s teammate Kim Tranka gave an eye roll in his confessional.

Footage showed several cast members cuddling, including exes Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley, in the same bed as a comfort thing. Nelson Thomas was shown getting into bed with Olivia.

Who won the daily challenge in Ride or Dies Episode 4?

TJ welcomed The Challengers to their daily challenge, which featured heights. TJ said the event would take place 300 hundred feet up in the air just in time for Darrell.

It was called Hold On For Me. One competitor hung from a bar at the edge of the skyscraper and had to hold on as long as possible.

Once the individual was about to fall, they had to communicate that to their partner. Their partner then jumped toward them and used the momentum to grab a flag hanging within reach behind their teammate. If they didn’t grab it, they were disqualified.

The team to hold on the longest and grab their flag won. Everyone else was in danger of going into elimination.

Most teams had issues and couldn’t swing close enough to grab the flag. However, two teams did. Jordan and Aneesa became the first team to complete the task. Later, Nelson and Nurys Mateo got it done, with Nelson grabbing the flag.

After the daily challenge was over, TJ revealed that only two teams completed the task. However, Nelson and Nurys held on the longest. Nelly T finally won a daily challenge after 54 daily challenges without a win. That gave them all the power in the game over the elimination.

Winners put plan into motion during deliberation

At the house, Nurys told Nelson she wanted to toss in at least two veteran teams, but Nelson felt it wasn’t a good move. Nurys said she wasn’t close to any vet women, and they didn’t seem to respect her. She mentioned in confessional that it was tough to play the game with Nelson having so many connections with vets over the years.

Later, Olivia devised a plan at the club that she told Nelson and Nurys. She said it would be wise for Nelson and Nurys to pick them for elimination so it wouldn’t look like they’re weak or working together. Olivia said they needed to guarantee they’ll come back, though. Horacio was down with the plan and called Olivia “the brains” of their team.

Nelson and Nurys chose the four teams: Olivia with Horacio, Veronica with Darrell, Analyse with Tommy, and Kim and Colleen. Analyse and Tommy were most likely to go into elimination.

Nelson said the plan was to get the other two teams to agree to keep Olivia and Horacio safe at The Draw, just in case they didn’t pull the safe dagger.

When other players saw the names on the elimination board outside the house, they were surprised Nelson put in Olivia after being in bed with her the night before.

During the deliberation conversations, Nelson and Nurys seemed to convince Colleen and Kim, as well as Darrell and Veronica, to save Olivia and Horacio if they pulled the “Safe” dagger at The Draw.

Who went home from the Ride or Dies elimination?

At The Zone, Nelson and Nurys chose Analyse and Tommy as their team to send into elimination due to them going back on their word in the previous elimination. That put the other three teams into The Draw.

Horacio and Olivia pulled the safe dagger, keeping them safe from elimination. They chose to save Darrell and Veronica, which put Colleen and Kim into elimination against the other rookies.

The two teams competed in an event called Flipping Wasted, with two giant mud pits in the middle of The Zone.

One competitor was on a board hovering above the pit. Their partner had to pull a rope to lift their teammate’s board up from the mud so they could work on a puzzle. The first team to solve it would win.

the challenge players compete in flippin wasted elimination for ride or dies episode 4
The Challenge: Ride or Dies players compete in the Flipping Wasted elimination event. Pic credit: MTV

Tommy was having trouble getting Analyse lifted off the ground and couldn’t even get her to a position to work on the puzzle. Others tried to yell tips at him, but he kept struggling.

Ultimately, Colleen solved the puzzle and won the elimination for her and Kim. Tommy was in tears and apologized to Analyse for what happened.

TJ praised Tommy for giving it a shot and said his crying showed he truly cared about the game. TJ said he hoped to see Tommy and Analyse back again. The rest of the cast bid them farewell.

After Colleen and Kim rejoined the rest of the competitors, TJ teased everyone about another surprise. He said he was feeling friendly but told them all to go home.

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