The Challenge Season 38, Episode 5 sneak peek reveals Royal Relay featuring special prize

the challenge host tj lavin in ride or dies episode 4
Host TJ Lavin during the daily event in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 38 features Ride or Dies teammates competing in various daily challenges with the goal of winning to gain specific benefits in the game.

Those benefits include safety from elimination and the power to determine which teams will be involved in the elimination round.

Based on a sneak peek of the daily challenge in Ride or Dies Episode 5, competitors will be vying for another special prize in addition to those benefits.

The latest event is called Royal Relay and is sponsored by Burger King, who is upping the ante for the competitors by adding some money to the prizes.

That gives extra incentive to win as the players can gain some prize money way before the season’s final takes place.

This report will contain spoilers through Episode 5 of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies.

Royal Relay adds additional prize for The Challenge 38

In Ride or Dies sneak peek footage, host TJ Lavin reveals the details of the latest daily challenge, informing the competitors they’ll need “excellent speed” and “superior communication.”

The teammates are involved in a relay race, swimming and rowing through the water to collect four points of a crown. Each team member will participate in all aspects of the event.

TJ says the first team to collect and assemble their crown will win the daily, becoming safe from elimination. They’ll also receive $5,000 each from Burger King.

Ride or Dies daily winners included rookies, Nelly T

In four episodes of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, viewers have seen four teams win the daily challenge. Rookies set the tone in Ride or Dies Episode 1, as Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle captured a surprising win.

Episode 2 saw OGs Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez pick up the win after they’d just arrived to join the cast. In the third episode, it was Fessy Shafaat and his teammate Moriah Jadea getting the victory.

However, Ride or Dies Episode 4 brought a big surprise as Nelson Thomas won his first daily challenge in over 50 attempts. Much of the thanks also went to his teammate, rookie Nurys Mateo.

That allowed Nelson and Nurys to take control of the game. Nelly T didn’t want to ruffle any feathers with his fellow vets, so three of the four teams that went into elimination were rookie duos, and two competed in the elimination.

However, rookie Olivia Kaiser devised a plan with Nelly T so she and Horacio Gutierrez would be one of the teams picked for elimination yet remain safe from going home.

Nelson and Nurys chose Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera for elimination, with Nelson indicating it was due to the rookies going back on their word with another team during the previous elimination. Horacio and Olivia drew the safe dagger and chose to save vets Veronica Portillo and Darrell Taylor.

In Flipping Wasted, the rookie pair of Kim Tranka and Colleen Schneider solved their puzzle, as Tommy struggled to pull a rope to get Analyse up from the mud pool she was in so she could attempt the puzzle. With that, the Big Brother stars bid farewell to the rest of the cast.

Viewers will see which team is safe from elimination and also claims a bonus prize of $5,000 each when Episode 5 arrives on Wednesday, November 9.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

Episodes of The Challenge are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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