The Challenge: Analyse Talavera calls out Ride or Dies castmate following Episode 4

analyse talavera appears in the challenge season 38 episode 4
Rookie Analyse Talavera in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 4. Pic credit: MTV

After each episode of MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, many cast members react to the comments they hear and the footage shown.

Sometimes they’re aware of certain things in the episodes, and other times they’re learning about what was said in confessionals or during other scenes by their castmates.

Episode 4 of the season featured one player gaining power in the game they usually don’t have and attempting to make some strategic moves in the game.

However, some fans and castmates may have felt that players’ moves weren’t ideal for gaining an edge over their competition.

Following Ride or Dies Episode 4, rookie Analyse Talavera was among the cast members getting on social media to give their thoughts about what went down.

This report will contain spoilers from the fourth episode of MTV’s Ride or Dies season.

Surprising player gained power in The Challenge: Ride or Dies

While The Challenge seems mostly about winning physical and mental competitions, the social component is another critical aspect of the game. That involves convincing castmates to work with you as allies and others to keep you safe.

In Ride or Dies Episode 3, rookies Tommy Bracco and Analyse were facing potential elimination, so they conversed with two of the other teams that might be in The Draw with them. Both teams were rookie duos, so Tommy and Analyse convinced them to keep them safe if they pulled the dagger.

When it came time for The Draw, Analyse and Tommy ended up with the “Safe” dagger and had to choose one of the two teams they spoke to earlier to keep safe. They shocked Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez by saving the other team, Colleen Schneider and Kim Tranka.

That move led to Tommy and Analyse’s demise in Ride or Dies Episode 4. After veteran competitor Nelson Thomas won his first daily challenge in over 52 attempts, he and teammate Nuyrs Mateo gained the power to decide the elimination teams.

Nelson chose the three rookie duos along with the returning OGs, Darrell Taylor and Veronica Taylor. At The Zone, he informed everyone they were sending in Tommy and Analyse due to them going against their word at the previous elimination.

Analyse calls out castmate following Ride or Dies episode

As the Ride or Dies episode aired on MTV, Analyse took to her Twitter to react to things she heard and saw during the show, including Nelson’s reason for sending them into elimination.

“Oh Nelson stop pretending like no one else on the challenge has ever went against their word. we are competing for a millions dollars!! Gotta do what you gotta do!!” Analyse tweeted.

That prompted Nelly T to react with a hand-waving emoji as his response.

analyse talavera and nelson thomas react to the challenge 38 episode 4
Pic credit: @_nelsonthomas/Twitter

Analyse replied to some fans in the thread for her original tweet, including one who suggested she needed to say what she’s saying to Nelson and Nurys’ faces.

She informed them that she’d have no problem doing that. She also shared that Nelson texted her after filming to let her know he regretted putting her and Tommy into the elimination. Nelson confirmed that in a reply.

analyse talavera and nelson thomas exchange about ride or dies
Pic credit: @TalaveraAnalyse/Twitter

Analyse comments about The Challenge 38

With The Challenge: Ride or Dies, Analyse and Tommy made their best attempt at a strategic move to keep themselves safe in Episode 3, but unfortunately, it came back to bite them in Episode 4. Initially on Big Brother, the rookie duo was eliminated by fellow rookies Kim and Colleen at The Zone.

It brought an emotional scene featuring a teary-eyed Tommy due to his struggles with the elimination setup. Host TJ Lavin commended him for showing how much he cared about the game. TJ even said he hoped to see them both back on the show.

Analyse commented on Twitter about her experience on the show and said she was “honored” with some of the individuals she met and played with.

“Sadly that is the end of my challenge season #38. I feel beyond blessed and lucky to have been a part of such an amazing show. I feel honored to have be able to meet and play with some of the OG’s. And love the friendships I made along the way,” she tweeted.

the challenge season 38 rookie analyse tweets about season
Pic credit: @TalaveraAnalyse/Twitter

In addition to praising her Ride or Dies castmate, Analyse also called competing on The Challenge “a dream come true” as she watched the show while growing up.

analyse talavera comments on her the challenge season
Pic credit: @Talavera/Analyse

Analyse and Tommy were the most recent Big Brother stars to jump from CBS’ reality show over to MTV’s The Challenge. They joined fellow BB stars Faysal Shafaat, Kaycee Clark, and Amber Borzotra on the Ride or Dies season.

They were the second all-rookie pair to get eliminated from the show. Episode 3 saw the strong duo of Johnny Middlebrooks and Ravyn Rochelle ousted by fellow rookies Olivia and Horacio.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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