The Challenge Season 38, Episode 11 synopsis teases issues for Nurys Mateo and Nelson Thomas

nurys mateo in the challenge season 38 episode 11
Nurys Mateo appears in a scene from The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 11 trailer. Pic credit: MTV

With The Challenge Season 38 past the midway point, the game has changed, and players must figure out new strategies to stay safe in the competition.

That’s due to TJ Lavin’s latest twist, which split Ride or Dies partners apart, making two large teams captained by Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat and Moriah Jadea.

Nelson Thomas and Nurys Mateo are now working on opposite sides after winning two daily challenges during the first half of the season and seeming like one of the top teams in the game.

However, issues have started to surface, including Nurys’ situation with her showmance and Nelson’s suspicions about his new team.

A synopsis for Episode 11 teases both of these storylines, which could hint at something on the way for the rookie and her veteran teammate.

This report may contain spoilers from The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

The Challenge 38, Episode 11 synopsis teases upcoming events

In The Challenge Season 38, Episode 11, viewers will see competitors participating in host TJ’s favorite game, trivia. A teaser trailer that arrived after Episode 10 showed players strapped to a giant spinning wheel, and some indicated they were about to throw up.

As viewers know, TJ loves his trivia, and there are sure to be a few laughs on the way from the host as he tends to get amused by the competitors’ struggles.

That’s not all that Episode 11 will bring, as Nurys and Nelson are both mentioned in the synopsis for Episode 11.

“Nelson finds himself frustrated, powerless, and paranoid that he has no voice on his team. Nurys worries that her relationship with Jordan will alienate Tori and place a target on her back. TJ’s challenge sends the players spinning out,” the IMDB synopsis reads.

The episode title is Nelly: Ride (or Die) Wit Me, which references hip-hop artist Nelly and his hit song Ride Wit Me from the 2000 album Country Grammar. It also points toward Nelson from Ride or Dies being important in the episode.

Nelson’s partner Nurys and Tori will have a conversation, or confrontation, during Episode 11. Nurys has been in a showmance with Tori’s ex, Jordan Wiseley, and based on the trailer, Tori will confront her about cuddling in front of her during their time in the house.

Women’s elimination arrives in Ride or Dies Episode 11

In Ride or Dies Episode 10, Moriah’s team was easily outmatched in the daily challenge, which required competitors to use their power and strength to push opponents off a large beam hanging over the water.

That led to TJ announcing Fessy’s team would get to choose one of the men from the opposite team to go into The Zone elimination. Once they got to the venue, Fessy’s group huddled up and chose Horacio Gutierrez.

That left Devin Walker, Jordan Wiseley, and Kenny Clark as the men participating in The Draw. Devin stepped up to the rock first and pulled out the “Safe” dagger, which meant he was safe from elimination. He got to choose one other teammate to save and opted for Jordan as the more experienced player for his team.

With that, Kenny went into elimination. Despite putting up a good battle in an event involving smashing through walls with various tools, he was ousted from the season by Horacio. That improved Horacio’s Ride or Dies elimination record to 4-0, as he’d won three other eliminations alongside his partner Olivia Kaiser.

While Kenny left The Zone and TJ dismissed the castmates back to the house, Kenny returned as the episode was closing. TJ revealed a twist to Kenny that he was still eligible for the final as long as his Ride or Dies partner, Kaycee, wasn’t eliminated from the game. If Kaycee gets eliminated, she and Kenny are done for the season.

Episode 11 will bring the first individual women’s elimination. Based on the synopsis, one has to think Nurys could be a top candidate unless her team can pick up a crucial win in the daily challenge.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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