The Challenge Season 37 rookie calls out Josh Martinez’s since-deleted tweet about Episode 2

josh martinez at deliberation for the challenge season 37 episode 2
Josh Martinez during deliberation on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies Episode 2. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 37 featured more rookies than veterans at the start of the game, which the returning cast members were looking to change.

To do so, they started targeting certain rookies for eliminations in any way possible. Episode 1 saw a rookie take the fall for a supposed “list” of veterans she trusted or didn’t trust, while Episode 2 featured another strong rookie made to look like he was cutting deals with everyone.

However, during the episode, that rookie spoke up about the “fake lie” his castmate made up and even took it to social media, where he called out his castmate again.

The Challenge rookie confronted vet at deliberation for ‘fake lie’

With the name of the show Spies, Lies & Allies, it means all of those concepts are in play. Competitors have their various allies in the game they’re working with. They’re also using spies and lies to gain an advantage for elimination voting.

In Episode 1, Emy Alupei was the spy who uncovered the supposed list that Michaela Bradshaw sent into elimination. Fellow Survivor star Tommy Sheehan apparently lied about things during deliberation to further blame Michaela. She was voted into elimination with partner Renan Hellemans, and the team of Ed Eason and Emy sent them home.

During Season 37, Episode 2, Too Hot to Handle’s Kelz Dyke became the second rookie to get hit with some lies. Josh Martinez spoke up at deliberation with a fabricated story that Kelz had been trying to make deals with vets and rookies. However, Kelz kept himself calm and worked to expose Josh Martinez for lying about him making deals.

Kelz’s confrontation made for some entertaining TV, but unfortunately, Josh and Fessy Shafaat’s plan to get Kelz sent into elimination worked. He and partner Tracy Candela lost in elimination in the second Spies, Lies & Allies episode, which ended their time on the show.

Kelz fires back at Josh’s since-deleted tweet during episode

During the episode, Josh tweeted about what went down, indicating he told Kelz what was up to his face about going into elimination.

“I said it to his face I said it was all for the game and nothing personal in the deliberation. I can’t control what they decide to cut out. I’m playing a game and I rather play & make moves than be wallpaper,” Josh tweeted.

Kelz fired right back at Josh’s tweet, calling out what he said and again letting him know he made up a lie.

“They didn’t cut anything out mate. You made up a lie to justify you being scared. You don’t even need to admit it bruh, everyone knows,” Kelz tweeted.

Both tweets were captured in screenshots and reposted via @thechallengeshaderoom on Instagram, below.

Josh’s tweet has since been deleted, indicating he may have decided to back down from trying to play up the narrative or that he truly doesn’t want any problems with Kelz in the future.

The Challenge rookie vows to return to the show

Unfortunately, there’s no Redemption House twist with Spies, Lies & Allies, meaning that Kelz Dyke was officially done in the second episode for the season. However, he appears intent on returning to compete on The Challenge again.

Shortly after his elimination in the August 19th episode, the 28-year-old from London, England, pinned his tweet of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator.

“I’ll be back,” Kelz wrote, quoting the famous phrase from The Terminator character in several films.

Kelz’s time on The Challenge was short-lived, but in that time, he proved himself to be a serious threat to the male competitors. He also showed he wouldn’t back down from someone trying to falsely put a target on him for something he didn’t do.

That provided plenty of good TV in Kelz’s debut. The fact he’s a physical specimen only adds to the high probability that he will be back for another season of The Challenge.

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