Kelz Dyke on The Challenge: What to know about the rookie cast member and where to find him on Instagram

the challenge season 37 rookie kelz dyke
Kelz Dyke makes his rookie debut on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Pic credit: MTV

Based on first impressions from the vets, it seems rookie Kelz Dyke on The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies is a problem.

That’s because he’s one of the more physically imposing competitors, and veterans probably won’t want to face him in an elimination.

While he enters the MTV reality competition series from a dating series on Netflix, it won’t be any reason to take this rookie competitor lightly.

Here’s more to know about Kelz Dyke ahead of his debut on The Challenge Season 37, along with where to find him on Instagram and other social media.

Who is Kelz Dyke on The Challenge?

Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke is a 27-year-old competitor on The Challenge who hails from London, England. Based on a report from UK’s Evening Standard, he originally moved to the United Kingdom from Austria when he was 13 years old.

Ahead of reality TV, he worked as a senior recruitment consultant in London. He then debuted on the show Too Hot to Handle.

The Netflix series is a dating game show which featured 10 adults placed in a house together for four weeks. During that time, they go through various workshops, and they’re not allowed to kiss, have any sexual contact, or have sexual gratification. 

A $100,000 prize was up for grabs, and that amount dropped each time any of the rules were broken. Kelz was on Season 1, and he and his castmates ended up splitting $75,000.

While the show didn’t involve any physical aspects, it may have been mentally difficult as contestants were generally chosen due to their constant flings and inability to form long-lasting relationships.

Kelz will need to form some relationships to succeed in The Challenge, or he may rely on his physical talent. The dating show didn’t require it, but his background in football and working out gives him plenty of that.

It’s been mentioned more than a few times by veteran castmates that Kelz is jacked and like a “beast.” That’s clear from various Instagram images.

According to a Men’s Health report, Kelz is 6-foot-6 and plays American football in London. So that will give him the potential to take out someone like Fessy Shafaat in a Hall Brawl.

Based on his Instagram posts, he plays on the defensive side for the London Warriors team out of South London. Men’s Health indicated that castmates referred to him as a linebacker on Too Hot to Handle.

Veteran stars of The Challenge spoke highly of Kelz and mentioned his size could present a threat to others in the game.

“Kelz is a chocolate dream. My British, Austrian-born, Nigerian prince,” Aneesa Ferreira said in a first impressions video.

“I think for the guys, he might be a little intimidating at first sight, but he seems pretty cool so far,” she added.

“I mean, Kelz is a beast. He’s 6’6”, 240 pounds. Dude is fast. Dude is strong,” Cory Wharton mentioned when naming his rookies to watch for Season 37.

Where to find Kelz on Instagram or other social media

Fans can watch Kelz Dyke on The Challenge and find him on his official Instagram @kelechidyke.

He shared his official cast photo from The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies with a message announcing his involvement with the show.

“GENT KELZ ready to accept my New Mission??,” the rookie shared in a caption on his post, asking, “Who’s ready for my next show?”

The Too Hot to Handle star gained over 20,000 Likes on the post revealing his arrival on The Challenge.

Along with Instagram, Challenge fans can locate Kelz on the Twitter platform. His Twitter is @kelechidyke, where he shares random thoughts and retweets various posts from fans.

Most likely, he’ll share reactions to the show on the social media platform and potentially spar with any of his castmates who talked trash about him during Season 37.

It’d be surprising if too many of Kelz Dyke’s castmates on The Challenge would try to test him, and he may become a fan favorite due to his strong athletic abilities. Time will tell how the rookie performs in his debut season of MTV’s reality competition series.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies premieres on Wednesday, August 11 at 8/7c on MTV.

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