The Challenge Season 36: Votes Declassified for Episode 10 shows few competitors went against majority vote

kaycee clark votes on the challenge double agents episode 10
The Challenge: Double Agents’ Kaycee Clark places her secret vote during Episode 10. Pic credit: MTV

In recent weeks on The Challenge: Double Agents, the house members have seemed to vote one way in particular, with a few straying from the plan.

In Episode 10, a majority vote happened once again, with most of the competitors casting their “secret” votes towards one team due to that team requesting to go into elimination.

However, a few competitors voted differently, based on what was shown in the latest Votes Declassified clip from the show, including one team that is struggling to work together.

Keep in mind that spoilers will follow for Double Agents Episode 10, including which teams went into elimination and who got sent home.

Votes Declassified for Double Agents Episode 10 arrives online

When Devin Walker and his teammate Gabby Allen won the daily mission in Double Agents Episode 10, Devin thought he’d be able to have the house vote Josh Martinez and Nany Gonzalez into elimination.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work how Devin wanted as he didn’t have enough numbers.

Only a few competitors voted how Devin wanted, but most of the rest voted for rookie Amber M and her partner Cory Wharton. That was because Amber was asking to go in so she could try to get her Gold Skull.

Most of the female competitors who still needed a Skull were happy to grant her request due to seeing the smallest girl in the house as an easy opponent.

The Big Brother stars all had no problem voting against Devin’s plan too. Kaycee explained during her vote she was trying to protect the Big Brother alliance, while Fessy said he didn’t want to give Devin what he wanted.

In the latest Votes Declassified clip (below), all of the competitors are shown casting their secret votes and explaining why they voted the way they did. Even Amber M. and Cory vote for themselves, which gives a good indication of how things went.

Interestingly, when the episode aired, it almost seemed as if Leroy Garrett might have voted for Nam Vo and Lolo Jones. However, his vote went with the majority in the clip below.

Ultimately, Amber M. and Cory received the most votes and ended up going into elimination. As Devin noted later, 12 of the 16 votes went towards them, including Tula “Big T” Fazakerley’s vote.

As the power team, Devin and Gabby sent Amber Borzotra and Darrell Taylor into elimination. With the event a Hall Brawl, Amber B. could get a strong win over Amber M. to send her home and claim the fourth Gold Skull for the ladies.

Few competitors voted different than the majority

Two competitors stuck with Devin’s plan of trying to vote in Josh and Nany. They were Chris “CT” Tamburello and Kyle Christie, who seem to be working with Devin. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to get the plan done.

Kyle explained he doesn’t trust Josh and wants to get rid of him and Fessy, so he said he would keep voting against them. Meanwhile, CT didn’t really give a reason and said “F*** you” as he pressed the button for his vote.

In addition to Amber M. and Cory voting for themselves, Nam and Lolo’s rookie team also voted for themselves. Nam said he wanted to give him and his teammate a chance to go down to The Crater to get their Skulls.

Lolo said during her vote, “I hate this team,” after pressing the button.

In Double Agents Episode 11, it seems that Lolo and Nam will be part of one of the major developments due to their continued inability to get on the same page. That could result in a major revelation coming for the competitors when a security breach is triggered.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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