The Challenge Season 36, Episode 17 sneak peek footage: Competitors get rude awakening from TJ Lavin

tj lavin appears at the house in the challenge double agents episode 17
The Challenge host TJ Lavin gives the competitors a rude awakening on Double Agents Episode 17. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge Season 36 is nearing the big finale, which means competitors will soon be embarking on TJ Lavin’s final in Iceland.

Based on a new bit of footage released as a sneak peek of Double Agents Episode 17, the competitors wonder if it’s time to run the final when TJ shows up.

They soon learn it might not be what they thought, as he gives them specific instructions, and Chris “CT” Tamburello gets a bit of an advantage in terms of his fate in the game.

TJ Lavin surprises competitors in Double Agents Episode 17

With The Challenge: Double Agents, TJ Lavin has been known to surprise the agents throughout the season. That includes their handler revealing an overnight mission, a security breach, or even trolling them at The Crater regarding whether it’s a guys’ or ladies’ elimination.

In Double Agents Episode 17, TJ has shown up super early in the morning to wake up the competitors from their necessary rest.

At that point, he reminds the grumpy cast members that he told them to be prepared for anything. Their handler informs them he’ll need one-half of each team to leave the house with him. That can be a male or female competitor.

Since CT is a Rogue Agent, he gets to stay at the house and “chill” while the other competitors deal with what TJ’s got in store. It’s another daily challenge based on the Episode 17 sneak peek trailer, and it involves a good old rescue mission.

One-half of each pairing is captured inside a frozen volcano for the mission while their teammate races to solve a puzzle. The objective is to try to free their partner quickest before everyone else. So it appears whoever is leaving with TJ when he asks will be among the captured competitors.

That has some competitors trying to decide if it’s better to send their partners or not. In the case of Fessy Shafaat, he’s not sure he wants his new partner, Amber Borzotra, to have his fate in her hands.

In the case of Kyle Christie, he’s not sure he wants to send Nany Gonzalez off to represent them, but she volunteers anyways, meaning she’ll have to hope Kyle can solve a puzzle or two on her behalf.

The other teams seem OK with how they decide to do things, but it appears Leroy Garrett and Kam Williams are making sure they each send their partners off with TJ.

Who is left on The Challenge: Double Agents season?

It’s down to just nine competitors on The Challenge: Double Agents. After CT, the cast and viewers bid farewell to Tula “Big T” Fazakerley due to her getting sent home in Episode 16.

Former Big Brother star Amber Borzotra was able to win a second Hall Brawl in her rookie season, this time knocking Big T out of the game and pushing her elimination record to an impressive 2-0.

After Amber won, she decided to steal Fessy as her partner from Nany Gonzalez. Nany was able to choose either Kyle or CT and opted to reunite with Kyle. That left CT as a free agent.

The other remaining pairs are Kam Williams and Cory Wharton’s team and Leroy Garrett and Kaycee Clark’s team. So far, this season has been dominated by Leroy and Kaycee, who have won five of the daily challenges. Will Episode 17 bring their sixth victory of Season 36?

Also, will fans get to see another elimination take place? It would seem there are one too many competitors, so that is likely, with one more male agent possibly getting sent home from Double Agents right before the final. After all, CT needs a partner if the final is run in pairs.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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