The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15 trailer breakdown: CT vs. Fessy fight, skydiving mission arrive before final

ct tamburello and fessy shafaat in club argument during double agents episode 15
CT Tamburello and Fessy Shafaat get into it in a scene from Double Agents Episode 15. Pic credit: MTV

A fight many viewers have been waiting for appears to be on the way for The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15, based on the sneak peek trailer.

Chris “CT” Tamburello and Fessy Shafaat are the two biggest competitors left in the game, with each guy thinking they’ll be the one who walks away with the big prize money.

However, tensions appear to be rising ahead of TJ Lavin’s final as the two Challenge beasts will get in each other’s faces during the cast’s time at the club.

The Challenge: Double Agents Episode 15 trailer breakdown

The newest Double Agents trailer for Episode 15 begins as the agents head into their latest daily mission, which could be their last one before the final. Rather than going deep underwater between tectonic plates, they’ll be diving out of a plane way up in the friendly skies of Iceland.

“I am terrified. It comes down to how bad you want it,” Leroy Garrett reminds the viewers as he continues his quest for a first championship. Many fans know that the longtime competitor revealed he’s retiring after this season of The Challenge.

After a brief glimpse at that mission, things shift to a club scene with competitors dressed in throwback costumes. Fessy is carrying a boombox radio prop and wearing a neon orange headband that looks like a fitness instructor or breakdancer costume. CT is wearing a similar headband along with shades and a suit for his throwback look.

“I’m coming for the crown,” Fessy tells CT as they are face to face in the club. The Big Brother star might be looking to take over as the top competitor on a show dominated by the likes of Johnny Bananas and CT. He was among runner-up competitors for his rookie season, Total Madness, which Bananas won.

“Don’t go there,” CT tells him as the two get into it with more back and forth. Aneesa Ferreira admits that she sees some of the “old CT” come out in her side commentary.

The old CT would likely be throwing punches and getting kicked off the show over a moment like this, so viewers will be interested to see what transpires in Episode 15.

One competitor needs Skull, Rogue Agent in good spot

During Double Agents Episode 14, Cory Wharton was able to steal a Gold Skull from Darrell Taylor by defeating him in Snapping Point. That sent Darrell home and means there are five male competitors left in the game, all of whom have their Gold Skulls for the final. They are CT, Cory, Fessy, Kyle Christie, and Leroy.

Meanwhile, Tula “Big T” Fazakerley is the only agent who doesn’t have a Gold Skull. Female competitors Aneesa, Kam Williams, Kaycee Clark, Nany Gonzalez, and Amber Borzotra all have theirs.

Most likely, Big T will be looking to do battle with Aneesa, Kam, Kaycee, or Nany in Episode 15, as Amber B. is the Rogue Agent. With Big T having just reunited with former teammate CT, it sets up for an interesting spot as he tries to help her get that Skull.

In previous trailer footage, there was a shot shown of CT holding a pillow in a doorway as Big T runs full speed at him. This could have been teasing CT as he helps his teammate prepare for the potential Hall Brawl elimination. Will the classic event return for a third time?

Assuming the next elimination is a female battle, another competitor will be sent home just ahead of the final. That could mean everyone else will at least start the final, with more competitors getting eliminated there.

Amber B. won’t have to worry about losing her Skull or going home yet, as she appears to be in a good position to claim a strong partner just before TJ Lavin’s final arrives. The Challenge Season 36, Episode 15 arrives on Wednesday, March 24.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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