The Challenge rumors: Potential All Stars 4 cast members get calls in video clip

mark long during the challenge all stars 3 promo video
Mark Long appeared in The Challenge: All Stars 1 and 3. Pic credit: MTV’s The Challenge/YouTube

While The Challenge is back on MTV with its 38th season, some fans may be curious about the status of The Challenge: All Stars spinoff show.

The third season arrived on Paramount Plus several months ago, with a stellar cast consisting of former finalists and champions.

Although viewership numbers are unknown, fans on social media seem to support The Challenge: All Stars 4, and possibly production ups the ante even more with the next cast.

There’s already some online speculation about the fourth season, suggesting when it could begin filming.

Based on The Challenge rumors, several cast members also got recent calls to appear in the fourth season of All Stars, both of whom appeared in All Stars 3.

This report may contain some light spoilers for who will be included in The Challenge: All Stars 4 cast.

Speculation about The Challenge: All Stars 4

Spoilers and speculation about everything The Challenge often arrive online via forums and social media. A recent batch of updates came from superfan and insider, GamerVev, regarding multiple Challenge projects.

Gamer revealed that The Challenge Global Tournament would see its cast depart for filming within the next two weeks.

That spinoff, set for Paramount Plus, will feature The Challenge: USA winners and winners from The Challenge spinoffs for Argentina, Australia, and the United Kingdom. It could also have some winners from CBS shows like Survivor, Amazing Race, Love Island, and Big Brother competing.

Another of the updates suggests that MTV’s currently airing season of The Challenge, Ride or Dies, will film its reunion in the second week of December.

There’s also a bit about The Challenge: All Stars 4, which, based on Gamer’s tweet, “is expected to film in early January” 2023.

gamervev gives the challenge all stars 4 updates
Pic credit: @GamerVev/Twitter

Gamer also mentioned All Stars 4 calls have been happening to get a cast. That appears to be accurate based on a recent social media clip.

Two cast members may have received All Stars 4 call

A recent Instagram Story video from The Challenge veteran Kyle Christie surfaced online, with various Instagram and Twitter accounts resharing it. In the clip, Kyle’s at lunch or dinner with Challenge OGs, Jordan Wiseley and Wes Bergmann.

In the video, Jordan is overheard speaking to a woman and tells her he’s still in the United States. With the phone on speakerphone, he slides it over for Wes as he’s eating.

“Are you interested in All Stars 4?” the woman can be heard asking as Kyle flips off his castmates, and Jordan starts laughing.

That seems to indicate that Jordan and Wes got contacted to appear in the fourth All Stars season. However, it’s currently unconfirmed, so it could also have been a joke or prank call during their meal.

Wes and Jordan are former champions who love the competition, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them return. Wes was one of the winners of All Stars 3, with Jonna Mannion being the other. Jordan was eliminated by Mark Long ahead of the All Stars 3 final.

For now, fans can watch Jordan on MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, as he should join the cast in an upcoming episode along with teammate Aneesa Ferreira.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV. The Challenge: All Stars episodes are available on Paramount Plus.

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