The Challenge rumors: Former Real World stars interested in appearing in All Stars 4 spinoff season

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A few Real World stars are interested in appearing in The Challenge: All Stars 4. Pic credit: Paramount+

Two former stars from MTV’s The Real World and The Challenge are preparing themselves for a possible appearance in the Paramount Plus spinoff, The Challenge: All Stars.

Former Challenge winners Dan Renzi and Julie Stoffer have been working out to stay ready for the intense competition show. Dan revealed the insight to a fan who asked about seeing them appear on All Stars 4.

While a fourth installment has yet to be confirmed, it could be a good sign that more OGs are stepping forward with interest in appearing on the spinoff.

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Two Real World OGs want to appear in All Stars 4

In an Instagram post on Friday, superfan account @mtvtheechallenge shared a comment to former Real World and Challenge star Dan Renzi saying they wanted to see him and Julie on All Stars 4.

Dan answered, suggesting that both he and Julie have been staying ready as far as their fitness goes and want to appear on the show.

“Julie and I both want to be on the next Challenge! We are both working out a lot. She is more dedicated to her fitness plan than I am, but I’m doing okay with getting back in shape. Julie is a lot of fun in real life, so hopefully it will happen!” Dan replied.

He also mentioned that the next season of All Stars hasn’t been confirmed yet, but they have their “fingers crossed for it.”

dan renzi comments on him and julie appearing in all stars 4
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Dan’s comment already gained the support of many fans and several cast members who appeared in The Challenge: All Stars seasons.

“Dan Renzi would be iconic on an All Stars season!!!” All Stars 2’s Tyler Duckworth commented.

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Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Tyler’s All Stars 2 castmate Sophia Pasquis also gave her “full support” to see the Real World OGs on the show.

sophia pasquis comments all stars 4 season
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Three-time Challenge winner Derrick Kosinski also said he’d love to see Dan back on the show. One would think he’d be OK with Julie appearing too.

derrick kosinski comments on dan renzi for all stars 4 season
Pic credit: @mtvtheechallenge/Instagram

Who are Dan Renzi and Julie Stoffer?

Dan and Julie appeared in early seasons of MTV’s The Real World, which automatically qualifies them as OG material. Dan, 47, was part of The Real World: Miami in 1996, while Julie, 42, originally appeared in the first Real World: New Orleans season in 2000.

Dan’s castmates included Mike Lambert, Joe Patane, Melissa Padron, Flora Alekseyeun, Sarah Becker, and Cynthia Roberts. 

Julie’s season featured Matt Smith, David Broom, Jamie Murray, Melissa Howard, Danny Roberts, and Kelly Limp. Based on an IG post he shared (below), many fans also hope to see a Homecoming series for Dan’s Real World season.

Dan and Julie are former Challenge winners, as they were part of the winning team in the fourth season called Extreme Challenge. That was their debut season of MTV’s competition series.

Dan competed in just two more seasons after that with Battle of the Sexes and The Inferno II. He achieved over $19,000 in prize money for his Challenge career.

Julie would do four more seasons, including Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno, Inferno II, and Gauntlet 2. She reached the final in her last season and racked up nearly $29,000 in prize money during her five seasons.

She also has that infamous moment in Challenge history which involved her and Veronica Portillo suspended high above the ground wearing just harnesses and helmets. Veronica felt Julie was trying to unhook her harness and screamed in horror, believing that Julie was trying to kill her. 

Now that years have passed, most OGs have tended to become more mature and embrace the fun nature of the older seasons of The Challenge. However, one would have to wonder what would happen if Veronica and Julie ended up in the cast for All Stars 4.

There’s no word of an All Stars 4 season being in the works currently, but it’s always possible based on fans’ positive feedback about the series. The Challenge: All Stars 3 is coming soon, as revealed in a teaser trailer after Season 2’s final episode.

The Challenge: All Stars episodes are currently available on Paramount Plus. Season 3 is TBA for 2022.

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