The Challenge spoilers: All Stars 2’s Sophia Pasquis shares update after fight with castmate

sophia pasquis during the challenge all stars 2 season
Road Rules: The Quest star Sophia Pasquis appears in The Challenge: All Stars 2. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge: All Stars 2 has reunited many former castmates and friends as the OGs assembled in Cancun, Mexico, to have fun and compete for $500,000 in prize money.

Former Road Rules star Sophia Pasquis was among the OGs who arrived for Season 2 after about 17 years away from The Challenge. She had several of her Road Rules castmates there with her and another Road Rules star who’d become a friend.

However, they had a falling out in Episode 3, which led to some coldhearted gameplay from one individual towards the other. Sophia has recently shared an update about where they stand following the season’s filming.

This report will include spoilers from The Challenge: All Stars 2, Episode 3, including elimination results.

Sophia and friend had falling out in All Stars 2, Episode 3

An early incident during The Challenge: All Stars 2’s third episode involved friends Ayanna Mackins and Sophia Pasquis. A verbal altercation happened when Ayanna had been helping Sophia make her hair look better ahead of the day’s filming.

Infrared footage from the bedroom revealed that Sophia became triggered because she didn’t like the style of braid Ayanna did in her hair. Sophia said it reminded her of the way her hair was when she got bullied when younger.

That led to an argument between them, with Ayanna leaving the room and Sophia becoming emotional. She was later comforted by castmate Jonna Mannion after the incident.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end there. The cast split into two teams for the next daily challenge, with Sophia and Ayanna on the same team. Ayanna also became the women’s representative for her team.

Despite her team losing the daily challenge to the opposing team, Ayanna was safe from elimination due to holding the Lifeshield she won in the previous elimination. TJ told her team to choose a woman from the team to replace Ayanna in the upcoming elimination.

Ayanna said she’d take the burden off everyone and quickly chose Sophia to go into the elimination. It brought tears to Sophia’s eyes that her friend coldly made that decision, but she handled things gracefully and accepted going into elimination to compete.

She later went against Challenge legend Jodi Weatherton, a two-time champion who’d never actually been in any eliminations during her three seasons of MTV’s show. Jodi picked up the victory in Fireball, a fiery game of Tic Tac Toe, which brought Sophia’s season to an end.

Sophia lasted for just three episodes of the spinoff and unfortunately had to bid farewell to many of her old and new friends, who remained to compete for the $500,000 prize.

The incident involving her and Ayanna probably seemed unresolved as Sophia exited. However, Sophia recently commented about where things stand.

Sophia shares update following All Stars 2 filming

So, where are Sophia Pasquis and Ayanna Mackins now in terms of their friendship? According to Sophia, Ayanna has yet to reach out to her after what happened and might never do so. In fact, they haven’t spoken since the All Stars 2 filming.

“That’s the last time we ever spoke and I don’t foresee us speaking again unless she reaches out to me. But as far as on my end, I’m good. I’ve made peace with it. If she wants to talk about it, I’m open to it. Possibly. But as of right now, I’m okay. I feel good about what I did,” Sophia shared in an EW interview.

She revealed she was more upset about the way Ayanna handled things with her during their incident during the All Stars 2 season.

“I was not mad about what she did. But I didn’t respect and appreciate how she did it. I thought it was foul and it was cold and it wasn’t cool. If you are who you say you are, you should have just came to me and all this could have been resolved with a conversation but instead, you put it in the field and you played it out that way. It was foul, man, and I don’t respect foul,” Sophia told EW.

Their falling out brings to mind a few others that happened between OGs during the first season of the spinoff series.

In All Stars 1, arguments occurred between friends Katie Cooley and Trishelle Cannatella and Aneesa Ferreira and Jisela Delgado. Based on some of their comments after the season ended, those feuding friends are no longer speaking either.

Time will tell if Ayanna reaches out to Sophia to try to mend their friendship or if these two OGs simply continue living the lives they’ve built since leaving reality TV years ago.

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