The Challenge rookie Olivia Kaiser reveals she had ‘biggest crush’ on her Ride or Dies castmate

olivia kaiser in a confessional scene from mtv the challenge ride or dies
Olivia Kaiser appears in a confessional scene from The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Former Love Island star Olivia Kaiser showed up as one of the rookie cast members in MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, making quite an impression on fans and castmates.

She also made an impression on her castmate Nelson Thomas from the first several interactions they had during the show’s filming, leading into a showmance that lasted during Nelson’s time filming the show.

It didn’t last long beyond filming, as Olivia said she had to friend-zone Nelson when they tried to continue things after the show.

With her aired exit after suffering an unfortunate injury, Olivia is now sharing some previously unknown details about her debut season of The Challenge, including her spilling the tea about castmates she fancied in the house.

She recently spoke about having a crush on one of her Ride or Dies castmates, which may surprise fans to hear about.

This report will contain spoilers from MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

The Challenge rookie Olivia Kaiser reveals Ride or Dies crush

With Olivia and her rookie teammate Horacio Gutierrez no longer appearing in the Ride or Dies final, they’ve been opening up on podcasts and during interviews about their time on The Challenge.

Both rookies had a few showmances shown during the episodes and also had other castmates they had an interest in. Monsters and Critics previously reported about Olivia’s surprising love triangle, which she was part of before getting into her showmance with Nelson.

However, while appearing on the Redditors React podcast, they asked her about a crush on another Ride or Dies castmate, Devin Walker, and she shared her thoughts.

“Basically, Devin had a girlfriend in the house at the time, from my knowledge, but there was also something- like Devin has this charm. You guys have hung out with him…I had the biggest crush on him. He’s so hot to me,” Olivia seemingly confessed.

“His personality is amazing, and I don’t think he necessarily feels the same way about me, but also, he’s not really one to shoot his shot like that really. I mean, I think, listen, he’s fine. He’s my type. That’s all I’ll say,” she explained.

Podcast host Levi mentioned they were planning a trip to Chicago in April, and Devin told them he’d come to hang out with them if he wasn’t filming anything. Levi joked he would play wingman and talk up Olivia to Devin all night.

“Let me know where you two are, and I’ll get on the next plane, and I’ll just show up at the bar,” Olivia joked back with them.

Viewers saw Olivia appear in MTV’s Ride or Dies through Episode 17, as she and Horacio reached the final. However, an unfortunate accident occurred as a large slingshot Olivia tried to fire during a checkpoint backfired, and the golf ball hit her in the face.

It ended up leaving Olivia a bloody mess, requiring medics to check on her in the back of an ambulance. Ultimately, she was taken to the ER for further evaluation and treatment. Host TJ Lavin revealed to her teammate Horacio they could no longer continue in the final.

Olivia’s other reality TV romances fizzled

Before stepping foot in Argentina for MTV’s The Challenge, Olivia was among the cast members of Love Island USA 3. She seemingly found a love connection there, as she and Korey Gandy ended up the show’s winners.

However, as Monsters and Critics reported, it didn’t work out for the Love Island winners after the show ended, and their relationship eventually ended.

That opened the door for a single Olivia to find something when she started appearing in MTV’s competition show. Her castmate Horacio was shown having interest in veteran castmate Laurel Stucky, but that didn’t work out when Laurel learned Horacio was interested in another woman off the show.

Meanwhile, Horacio’s partner Olivia got into a showmance with Nelson, which seemed to be going strong during the episodes. Things took a bit of a turn when Nelson was forced to decide between saving Olivia or his friend, Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat, during The Draw to determine which team would go into elimination.

While Nelson chose Fessy, Olivia seemed understanding, and the two continued their showmance after Olivia and Horacio returned from their elimination win. The showmance continued until Nelson’s elimination, which featured Olivia rushing down to offer a hug and kiss before he left The Zone.

As mentioned, the two Challenge castmates tried to explore things beyond their time filming reality TV, but it just didn’t work out. Following her appearance in The Challenge Season 38, Olivia also spilled she had some early interest in yet another Ride or Dies castmate, Jay Starrett.

However, Jay was apparently playing “musical beds” with Olivia and fellow rookie Colleen Schneider, leading to Olivia’s decision to stop pursuing anything further with Jay. As of this writing, it seems Olivia is still single and might have better success finding romance with someone away from the reality TV scene.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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