The Challenge: Ride or Dies’ Laurel Stucky reacts to castmates’ elimination in Episode 8

laurel stucky in the challenge ride or dies
Laurel Stucky in an interrogation scene during The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

Laurel Stucky, a former champion of The Challenge, was among the vets returning for MTV’s Ride or Dies season, where cast members were paired up with someone they shared a strong bond with.

In Laurel’s case, it was her friend and former Ex on the Peak castmate, Jakk Maddox. The duo stayed mainly under the radar but eventually faced elimination due to one castmate’s doubts about them.

That castmate was Michele Fitzgerald, as the former Survivor star was unsure where Laurel’s loyalty was as far as a potential alliance.

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Despite Michele’s teammate Jay’s friendship with Jakk, Michele and Jay chose Laurel and Jakk to go into elimination twice.

Ultimately, that resulted in Laurel and Jakk getting ousted from the Ride or Dies season, but Laurel got to watch as her castmates got similar treatment in a recent episode.

The former Challenge champ recently reacted to seeing Jay and Michele’s fate in Ride or Dies Episode 8 and seemed pleased by the outcome.

Laurel Stucky reacts to Ride or Dies elimination results

In Ride or Dies Episode 8, viewers saw Aneesa Ferreira and Jordan Wiseley win their first daily challenge of the season. With the win, they chose Jay and Michele as one of their four potential teams for the elimination matchup.

Other teams went to The Draw, including Nelson Thomas with Nurys Mateo, Faysal Shafaat with Moriah Jadea, and Olivia Kaiser with Horacio Gutierrez. Nelson pulled the “Safe” dagger, keeping him and Nurys out of elimination. He also opted to keep his friend Faysal safe rather than his showmance Olivia.

That put the rookie team of Horacio and Olivia against the Survivor stars Jay and Michele in the Spun Out elimination. The rookies had assistance from plenty of castmates, cheering from the upper level and offering helpful comments. Ultimately, it caused communication issues for Jay and Michele, and the rookies won the event.

Earlier this week, Laurel took to Twitter, where she retweeted a short clip of Jay cursing after he and Michele lost the elimination. Jay was frustrated due to his castmates yelling from the upper level to help out their opponents, realizing they had the house shaken up over their competitive abilities.

“What did they expect? They got what they gave,” Laurel tweeted as her reaction to the elimination clip.

Jay and Michele won back-to-back daily challenges in Episodes 5 and 6. Each time, they picked Laurel and Jakk as one of their four choices for a potential elimination matchup at The Zone. In Episode 5, Laurel and Jakk defeated rookies Kim Tranka and Colleen Schneider.

However, Episode 6 saw Laurel and Jakk lose the Down the Line event to castmates Jordan and Aneesa. After the loss, Laurel asked Jordan to return to the house and get revenge for her.

“Jordan, will you literally f**k them up, please?” Laurel asked in a scene shown after the elimination, with Jordan saying he would.

Fans react to Laurel’s tweet about Ride or Dies

After Laurel tweeted her reaction to seeing Jay and Michele frustrated and eliminated from Ride or Dies, many fans commented about what Laurel had to say.

One fan told Laurel to “shut up,” adding, “This entitlement you walk around with is annoying especially since you haven’t done an impressive thing since your return.”

fan blasts laurel for tweet about ride or dies
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

“No Laurel. They played the same way that you would have done had you won in the eliminations. Come on, you are better than this. The vets were gonna come for the rookies anyway,” another fan replied.

fan reacts to laurel stucky comments about jay michele
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

Another fan in the comments seemed to side with Laurel. They suggested Michele made up “fake drama” with Laurel as a reason to put her and Jakk in elimination, while “Jay just sat back & watched her implode their whole game.”

fan reacts laurel tweet about ride or dies elimination
Pic credit: @laurelstucky/Twitter

Laurel’s return to Ride or Dies came after she last appeared in War of the Worlds 2, a season where she ended up in a controversial elimination against “Ninja” Natalie Duran.

Laurel initially seemed to have won the Branched Out event, only to find out she didn’t place one of her pegs in the right spot on the large tree they had to climb. After the event restarted, Ninja was able to claim the win, sending Laurel home in Episode 4.

Many fans were excited to see the Free Agents winner return for Ride or Dies and felt she was a strong contender to make it to the final with her rookie teammate. Unfortunately, Michele saw Laurel as a threat to her game and made sure Laurel’s team was picked for elimination each time Michele and Jay won a daily challenge.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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