The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 8 recap: Elimination results after tough decision at The Draw

nelson thomas in ride or dies episode 8
Nelson Thomas during interrogations for The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 8. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer returned to The Challenge house after winning the Ride or Dies Episode 7 elimination. Amber said she felt a bit vengeful after Nelson Thomas put them in but was unsure she’d act on that.

She and Michele Fitzgerald talked about game strategy. Amber said she couldn’t trust people she thought she was working with. They said Nelson would get what’s coming for him, and maybe he’ll realize their side is “the side.”

Nelson’s partner Nurys Mateo said she realizes other teams will probably target them now. In another scene, Nelson flirted with Olivia Kaiser. She said in confessional that he makes her feel “special” and that what they have is “real.”

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Devin Walker and Aneesa Ferreira talked about her teammate Jordan Wiseley. Aneesa said she’s known him forever and seen a lot of growth in him. In his confessional, Jay Starrett said that if Jordan and Aneesa got power, he and Michele would be in trouble.

The cast celebrated Johnny Bananas’ 40th birthday. Nany Gonzalez and Tori Deal created a card that listed all the seasons he won and other stats.

Horacio smashed a cake in Bananas’ face, and Moriah Jadea kissed him.

Other teams realized they needed to get Bananas and Nany out of the game ahead of the final. In a later scene, Nelson and Faysal Shafaat discussed having one another’s backs. Fessy said Nelson should feel he’s safe when he wins. Nelson said he’s never done Fessy wrong.

They showed footage of Fessy taking out Nelson during the Hall Brawl elimination in Double Agents. In confessional, Nelson said he forgives but doesn’t forget. He described their relationship as a “roller coaster” and said he has “bigger threats to worry about.”

Competitors participate in Double Trouble event

The cast met TJ Lavin on-site for Double Trouble, where he said speed was the key. For the daily challenge, one teammate on a harness jumped from the back of a large truck onto the back car in a line of four cars connected to the truck’s side.

That individual jumped from car to car to get to the front car, where their partner would hand them a key. The teammate ran that key back to the first car and put it into a slot on top. They had to do this four times and then pull a lever. The team to complete the task fastest would win.

The first several teams they showed did well, especially Jay and Michele. Nelson got disqualified when he dropped a key, followed by Kaycee Clark and Kenny, who also dropped theirs. Devin and Tori started strong during their run, and while it looked like they might falter, they completed it.

Aneesa and Jordan felt they had to step it up and win since they kept getting put into The Zone. In confessional, Nurys said watching Jordan perform was “pretty attractive.”

After all the teams finished, TJ revealed that three teams did very well: Bananas with Nany, Jay with Michele, and Jordan with Aneesa.

The team that completed the daily event fastest was Jordan and Aneesa, making them the Episode 8 winners. It was their first win of the season.

Deliberation decisions arrive for winners

Aneesa and Jordan decided to go with the following four teams for The Zone: Jay and Michele, Nelson and Nurys, Horacio and Olivia, and Faysal and Moriah.

Amber offered a hug to Michele outside when they’d seen the names on the board but felt Michele acted sort of cold to her. In confessional, Michele said she was feeling vulnerable at that moment, and it wasn’t anything against Amber.

During the interrogations, Jordan praised the rookies, telling them they liked them and they’re really good at the game. When talking with Nelson, Jordan asked if he was in The Draw and pulled the “Safe” dagger with Fessy and Olivia there, who he’d save. Nelson said he wasn’t sure but was trying not to hold a grudge against Fessy.

Fessy reminded Jordan and Aneesa that earlier in the game, they didn’t put them into The Zone when he and Moriah won. Aneesa wasn’t sure if she should be impressed by that.

A teary-eyed Amber talked to Chauncey about feeling disrespected by Michele earlier.

The cast went out to enjoy a night at the club. Nurys danced with Jordan and said in confessional they were getting to know each other.

Michele had a talk with Amber about how she is at times. Amber said she didn’t want Michele to feel alone in the game. Michele said there is nobody in the game besides Jay she loves more than Amber, though.

Who went home from The Zone in Episode 8 elimination?

At The Zone, Jordan and Aneesa sent in Jay and Michele to return the favor from before. The other teams participated in The Draw.

Nelson and Nurys pulled the “Safe” dagger, meaning he had to choose between his showmance Olivia or good friend Fessy. Nelson decided to save Fessy and Moriah, which put Olivia and Horacio into the elimination.

They competed against Jay and Michele in Spun Out. There were two giant wheels on tracks. One teammate was strapped on one side of the wheel. Their partner could move freely on the other side to roll the wheel back and forth.

The partner strapped to the wheel had to grab puzzle pieces along the track, and they’d bring them to a puzzle spot to make a pyramid with blocks. The first team to complete the puzzle would win.

elimination setup for ride or dies episode 8
Elimination event at The Zone in Ride or Dies Episode 8. Pic credit: MTV

During the event, castmates were yelling from the upper level to help out Olivia and Horacio, which made it tough for Jay and Michele to hear one another. Michele said in confessional that other teams were scared of them and didn’t want them back in the house.

Ultimately, the rookies got another elimination win, sending home the Survivor stars. Jordan was pleased to see it happen.

After the loss, Jay was upset at the other cast members cheering for the rookies during the event. Michele got emotional during their exit interview, saying Jay is her “ride or die forever.”

Before they left, Jay said he was proud they flipped the house on its head and stressed everyone out. Amber was upset to see her friend Michele leave but said that now she was focused on protecting her one ride-or-die, Chauncey.

Before the episode ended, TJ teased another surprise for the competitors and said it would arrive at the next daily challenge.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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