The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 7 recap: Player’s deep web brings drama and elimination blindside

nelson thomas appears in the challenge 38 episode 7
Nelson Thomas in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 7. Pic credit: MTV

The Challengers were back at the house after Jordan Wiseley and Aneesa Ferreira had won their elimination to send Laurel Stucky and Jakk Maddox home. Jay Starrett said the heat on him and Michele Fitzgerald has “increased exponentially” after that.

Devin Walker met privately with his teammate Tori Deal. He suggested they make a three-week deal with Jay and Michele since they kept winning daily events. Tori said they should be careful not to act shady towards veteran castmates and friends.

Devin told her sometimes, “you have to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing” to win. Amber Borzotra saw Devin and Tori talking outside and said in her confessional she didn’t trust him.

Amber talked to Nelson Thomas about what was going on. She said in a confessional she felt Nelson has her back and Darrell Taylor does too. Nelson said in his confessional he feels he’s making all the right moves but has to stay under the radar with how he plays.

Jordan and Chauncey Palmer spoke about looking out for one another. Amber said she felt Chauncey was getting the hang of how to play the game.

The cast had a daytime trip to a bar in Buenos Aires. Darrell said in confessional that it was ironic they could see a cemetery full of dead politicians in the distance.

Johnny Bananas talked with Darrell about what Jay and Michele were up to. Darrell went to Veronica and discussed how Bananas was only coming to him because he needed his help for his game.

Aneesa confronted Jay Starrett in the bar about getting sent into The Zone. In confessional, Jay said if it comes to it, he’ll put them into The Zone again for threatening him.

Who won the Peaking Blinders daily challenge?

The competitors participated in a daily event called Peaking Blinders. It involved a race to puzzle answer keys. One teammate then climbed a ladder to look at a triangular board with shapes on it.

Blinds covered the puzzle’s answer key, so their partner had to stand and balance on a narrow pole for as long as possible to reveal the answer key for their teammate to memorize.

Each time their partner fell off the pole, they both ran back to their puzzle board to put whatever pieces they could on their board. Then they’d rush back to the blinds with the answer key to memorize more pieces.

The first pair to arrange their shape sequence in the correct order would win the event and gain safety from elimination with the power to decide teams for The Zone.

While other teams were running, Darrell and Veronica walked. Aneesa was also walking, which frustrated Jordan. Nelson and Nurys Mateo performed very well compared to others, with host TJ Lavin praising them. Devin and Tori were also doing well and were right behind them.

Ultimately, Nelson and Nurys claimed the victory, which was their second of the season. That had Amber happy about it because she felt safe in the game.

Elimination decisions loom; castmates believe Devin is a snake

In a confessional, Nelson called himself “Spider Nelly T” and said his web connects to everyone making the game tough. He had a conversation with Jay and Devin about what to do.

Devin suggested putting a big team in, like Darrell and Veronica or Aneesa, and Jordan made sense and said they need new champs. Devin and Jay also brought up not trusting Amber and Chauncey.

At deliberation, Nelson and Nurys talked over options. Nelson felt conflicted due to his various friendships and relationships with castmates. They ultimately chose the following teams: Bananas with Nany, Amber with Chauncey, Veronica with Darrell, and Aneesa with Jordan.

Amber was shocked to see their names on the board. It raised questions for some cast members that Devin and Tori weren’t ever on the board. Nany and Bananas realized the names on the board weren’t Nelson’s plan but Devin’s.

During interrogations, Nelly T told Darrell and Jordan they wouldn’t be his main vote. Amber confronted Nelson about feeling she could’ve trusted him before, but now he’d blindsided her. In a confessional, Nurys said something about Amber didn’t feel right despite her words.

Nany confronted Nelson about putting her and Bananas in. She said she saw Nelson like a brother and wouldn’t forget him doing this.

While the cast was at the club later, things got volatile. Nelson was trying to determine if Chauncey made a deal to work with Jordan to take down Jay, who Nelson was working with. Amber felt like Devin was pulling strings and telling Nelson what to think.

Back at the house, Devin had a private chat outside with Michele. He confronted her about lying to him about what was happening with her and Amber. It blew up into Devin yelling at Michele for lying and being a snake. Michele yelled back at him, with more castmates coming outside to intervene.

Bananas said he could hear it all in his room, and Devin was trying to point fingers at others to take the blame off himself. Bananas said it reminded him a lot of his castmate Wes Bergmann. The next day, Michele met with Amber and Veronica to discuss what Devin had said about her.

It came down to Amber believing Devin was the biggest snake in the house. Michele said in her confessional that although she liked Devin, she wanted to protect Amber too.

Who went home in the Episode 7 elimination?

At The Zone, Nelson said he had a tough decision because all the people down there are like family- a dysfunctional family. He and Nurys chose to send in Amber and Chauncey.

Amber felt betrayed by Nelson not telling her his intentions ahead of The Zone. Jay was baffled by the move when Nelson had three other strong teams there.

At The Draw, Nany and Bananas drew the “Safe” dagger. Nany said they’d save Aneesa and Jordan because Aneesa is like her big sister.

Amber said in confessional she saw Darrell as her “mentor” in The Challenge, so she was upset about having to face him in elimination.

They competed in Deep Web with everyone starting on the roof of giant towers. One teammate at a time had to climb down through a series of webs to get to the puzzle pieces on the ground level.

There were eight pieces they needed to collect individually to bring up to their teammate. The first team to put their puzzle together correctly would win.

the challenge ride or dies elimination for episode 7
Players compete in The Challenge: Ride or Dies Deep Web elimination in Episode 7. Pic credit: MTV

Amber moved through the webbing fast, but Veronica struggled to climb back up. Castmates were impressed by Veronica not giving up and still pushing to get to the top.

Both teams eventually got their pieces to the top but struggled to figure the puzzle out. Castmates said they were waiting and waiting. Ultimately, Amber and Chauncey solved it to get the win. Amber hugged and kissed her man, saying she was proud of the win.

For Devin, he felt it was a “nightmare” and would come back to bite them. Amber gave a big hug to Darrell and was surprised she took out her mentor. Darrell said it’s not the last time people will see him on The Challenge.

Veronica and Darrell exited The Zone. In confessional, Darrell praised his teammate for not giving up. Chauncey said Nelson and Nurys are on his radar now.

In another confessional, Jordan said Nelson and Nurys didn’t make the right decision and their commander, Devin, “is an idiot.”

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