The Challenge: Nelson Thomas calls out Ride or Dies castmates for ‘fake a** relationships’

nelson thomas at daily challenge in the challenge 38 episode 5
Nelson Thomas during The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 5. Pic credit: MTV

As MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies aired its recent episode, veteran cast member Nelson Thomas called out his castmates for what’s happening on screen.

MTV recently aired its fifth episode, with several stories highlighting new friendships, showmances, and troubled relationships during the game.

Some of these situations have been featured in the first four episodes, while a few were new for the episode.

Nelson, a two-time finalist on The Challenge, believes many of the relationships that viewers see are only being created for the cameras.

Taking to his Twitter as Ride or Dies’ new episode was airing on MTV, he fired off a tweet, blasting unnamed castmates for their “fake a** relationships.”

“Sooo many fake a** relationships on this season @TheChallenge #rideordie,” Nelly T tweeted, adding, “ppl playing s**t up for the camera… Everything will come to light soon #poliD***** #poliP****.”

nelson thomas tweets about ride or dies castmates
Pic credit: @_nelsonthom/Twitter

‘Budding friendship’ brought drama in Ride or Dies episode

One of the stories featured in Ride or Dies Episode 5 featured Jakk Maddox and Jay Starrett, who were presented as becoming friends during the season. It led to them creating an emo song they wrote to perform for castmates later at an emo party everyone attended.

The friendship came into play when Jay and his teammate, Michele Fitzgerald, won the daily challenge, then had to choose four teams for potential elimination. Due to Michele not knowing where she stood with Jakk’s teammate, Laurel Stucky, they became one of the teams.

It led to Jakk being upset at Jay for that move, as Jakk felt they were friends and on good terms.

During deliberation, Jakk and Laurel gave Jay and Michele stone-cold stares before engaging in a heated discussion about where they stood. There was also a tense conversation a day later involving Michele and Laurel, which didn’t go the way Michele might have preferred.

At The Zone, Jay and Michelle put Jakk and Laurel into the elimination. The daily challenge winners indicated that there wasn’t much communication with them before the event.

Ultimately, Laurel and Jakk won the elimination against rookies Colleen Schneider and Kim Tranka. That allowed Laurel and Jakk to return to the house, potentially seeking revenge.

Other friendships and showmances in Episode 5

The fifth episode of MTV’s Ride or Dies also featured other showmances and friendships under the spotlight. There were hints of Johnny Bananas’ potential showmance, but it was only presented briefly in the episode’s opening moments.

Rookie Horacio Gutierrez continued to explore things with Laurel, which based on the teaser trailer for Episode 6, could take a different turn.

Nelson has been in a showmance with Horacio’s Ride or Dies teammate, Olivia, throughout the first five episodes of the season. He’s also teamed up with his ex, Nurys Mateo, and they’ve indicated they’re now friends during the show.

Following Kim and Colleen’s elimination from the show in Episode 5, just 11 teams and 22 cast members remain. That includes many castmates who’ve appeared in multiple seasons together.

As of this writing, it’s unclear which relationships Nelson is referring to, but based on his tweet, there will be some tea spilled in the future. Whether that’s in the episodes, on social media, or at the Ride or Dies reunion remains to be seen.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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