The Challenge Season 38, Episode 7 sneak peek shows Peaking Blinders daily challenge

faysal shafaat during the challenge ride or dies
Faysal Shafaat during a daily challenge in The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challenge competitors will put their memory and balancing skills to the test for their daily challenge in Ride or Dies Episode 7.

Previous events included competitors navigating challenging obstacle courses, traveling through the water, zip-lining, and solving word puzzles.

Peaking Blinders is the name of their next event and will involve everyone in a foot race followed by a race to be the team to solve a puzzle the fastest.

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One team is looking for their third-straight win to keep themselves safe from elimination. Other teams want the win to seize power and make game moves.

In particular, one player mentions their strategy for winning the daily challenge, and that player also appears to be under the spotlight for other reasons in the episode.

This report will contain spoilers for MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season.

Peaking Blinders is Ride or Dies Episode 7 daily challenge

In a sneak peek clip for Ride or Dies Episode 7, viewers don’t get the rules from host TJ Lavin like in other previews. Instead, the footage opens with the competitors in a mad dash to get to the puzzle station.

Once they’ve arrived, they all take their places, with one individual climbing up a ladder to study a puzzle board. Their teammate has to balance with one leg on top of a narrow pole for as long as possible. That reveals the puzzle board’s shape sequence for their partner to memorize.

The team to recreate the shape sequence from their board the fastest will win the daily challenge, receiving safety from elimination. They’ll also win the power to decide four potential elimination teams for The Zone.

Early on, Nurys Mateo praises her teammate Nelson Thomas as “one of the fastest guys” as he takes the lead in the foot race. Nurys also says she believes her partner deserves a Challenge championship based on his hard work on the show and how nice he’s been toward others.

“I definitely want to help Nelson into a final. I can see how badly he wants it. He does so much in this game, and he’s been such a nice person to everybody, and I feel like he’s been screwed over so many times, and he deserves that W. He deserves The Challenge champ title,” Nurys says.

According to Devin Walker during the sneak peek clip, he’s got what he feels is an effective strategy for him and Tori Deal to win this one.

“The process of elimination is the way that you can really get these things done efficiently. I’m gonna look at the biggest pieces so I can eliminate positions that they can be in. I really want us to step it up today and get a win,” Devin says.

Watch a preview of Peaking Blinders from Ride or Dies Episode 7 below.

The Challenge episode focused on ‘crafty player’

Devin was in the spotlight towards the tail end of the sneak peek clip. Based on a teaser trailer and the Ride or Dies Episode 7 synopsis, he’ll likely be a pivotal player in the episode.

Episode 7 arrives on Wednesday, November 23, and is called Deep Web. The episode’s overview mentions a “crafty player” dealing with issues from a “web of deception” in the political game.

A teaser trailer after Ride or Dies Episode 6 shows Devin in a heated confrontation with castmates, including Michele Fitzgerald, with Nelson telling Devin to “say it.”

The synopsis also teases that the upcoming elimination will involve a “shocking blindside,” most likely coming at The Draw or from the teams that put the four other teams down into The Zone.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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