The Challenge: Ride or Dies Episode 9 recap: Mini-final brings TJ’s game-changing twist

faysal shafaat in the challenge ride or dies
Faysal Shafaat appears during The Challenge: Ride or Dies. Pic credit: MTV

The Challengers arrived at the house as Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez celebrated their elimination win. Olivia spoke about Nelson Thomas’s tough decision to send her in instead of Fessy Shafaat and said she understood why he did it. They seemed to be on the same page.

In another scene, Nelson spoke with Fessy and Aneesa Ferreira. Aneesa said Nelson executed a great move with his girl coming back and his best friend still safe.

In confessional, Fessy was concerned with always “coming up short” during his Challenge career, indicating he’s a “three-time loser.” Later, an emotional Fessy was in tears talking to teammate Moriah Jadea about it, and she comforted him.

Johnny Bananas and Nany Gonzalez had a private chat about the fact that nobody is gunning for them in the game yet. 

Teammates Olivia and Horacio played some soccer outside. In a confessional, Olivia said Horacio is the perfect Ride or Dies teammate.

Kaycee Clark conversed with her brother Kenny outside about the game. She said in confessional that sometimes she forgets her brother’s even there.

A segment focused on Tori Deal and Jordan Wiseley getting along again. Jordan talked about his “very, very deep connection” with Tori, and there was “safety” or “comfort” in each other through cuddling and wrestling.

“That doesn’t mean that we’re getting back together or that we’re rekindling anything,” Jordan said in a confessional.

Tori had a chat with Aneesa and Nany about things becoming emotional. Nurys Mateo spoke with Olivia about potentially exploring things beyond friendship with Jordan. Nurys was conflicted about getting involved with Jordan due to Tori being there. Olivia realized this could be a problem.

Black and white footage showed Nurys getting into bed to cuddle with Jordan. Other scenes featured Bananas hugging Moriah in a room and Nelson hanging out with his showmance Oliva.

Daily challenge brings mini-final and TJ’s twist

The Challengers met TJ Lavin, who had an ATV at the daily challenge site. He said they’d need communication, strength, and endurance in this event, which was a “mini-final.” It was called Haul or Nothing and involved a six-mile race with competitors having to complete checkpoints along the way.

They also had to carry a heavy plank with them the whole time. TJ said the first pair to cross the finish line would win and get the most power in the game so far. During the event, he rode the ATV to accompany the competitors to various checkpoints.

The first checkpoint required them to use three barrels and their plank to move across a field area. If they touched the ground, they had to restart.

Nelson and Nurys had the early lead after finishing the first checkpoint ahead of everyone.

Next, they had to transport sandbags to their next checkpoint. Fessy and Moriah were behind them, followed by Tori and Devin.

When they got to their next checkpoint, they got to leave their sandbags on another team’s sled to sabotage them. Next, they had to pull their sled with puzzle pieces to a pole where they needed to stack blocks up correctly.

Fessy and Moriah took the lead from Nelson and Nurys at this checkpoint while other teams struggled, including Bananas and Nany, who fell to last place.

Their next task involved transporting six tires with city names on them on their plank to a checkpoint. They had to transport the tires over a large container and then stack them from northernmost to southernmost based on the cities’ geographic locations.

Fessy and Moriah picked up the victory, with TJ at the finish line to congratulate them. Horacio and Olivia dropped their plank, with Horacio walking off because he was frustrated. Olivia was upset, but Amber Borzotra and Chauncey Palmer comforted them.

TJ told Fessy and Moriah they were the winners. He also revealed the Ride or Dies pairs were “no more” as a big twist. He said they were all going onto separate teams now.

Since Fessy and Moriah won, they were the two opposing team captains. TJ said he’d get their answers about team members at The Zone.

Decisions arrive for daily challenge winners

Various individuals talked about struggles with the twist during the cast’s night out, including Amber and her boyfriend. He said he’d never say her name for an elimination.

Horacio patched things up with Olivia, apologizing to her for walking off after the final ended. Olivia said she’d forgive him and continue to protect him in the game.

Fessy and Kaycee chatted about how he would try to outsmart his Ride or Dies partner Moriah when it came to them each picking a team.

Tori got upset watching Jordan cozying up with Nurys on the couch at The Challenge house. She went outside and talked with Devin about how it felt to see that. Jordan said in confessional he’s not cutting things off with Nurys just because of Tori.

Fessy and Moriah met in the interrogation room to discuss their teams. They both wanted Bananas, and Moriah felt Fessy was trying to bolster his team. He wouldn’t let her have both Jordan and Bananas, though.

Moriah wasn’t sure she could trust Fessy at this point. They had to start picking team members over due to the disagreement.

In another scene, Tori and Jordan spoke about their situation. Tori blew up at Jordan for cuddling with her, saying “I love you,” suggesting they’d see each other outside the game, and then having something with Nurys.

She was in tears by the end of their conversation. In confessional, she said there was only a friendship for the game and nothing more now.

New teams assembled at The Zone

At The Zone, TJ called all the losing players to join him in a line. He flipped a coin which determined Fessy got first pick. For each person Fessy or Moriah chose, their Ride or Dies partner went to the opposite team.

Fessy’s first pick was Kaycee, so Kenny went to Moriah’s team. Moriah picked Jordan first, so Aneesa went to Fessy’s team. Fessy chose Bananas, putting Nany on Moriah’s team. Moriah took Amber, so Chauncey joined Fessy’s team.

Fessy took Nelly T next, so Moriah got Nurys. Moriah took Horacio last, putting Olivia on Fessy’s team. The final players were Tori to Fessy’s team and Devin to Moriah’s squad.

TJ dismissed everyone, telling them to go get to know their teammates. He said to make sure they win the upcoming daily challenges. A midseason trailer arrived after the episode previewing all the blood, sweat, and tears on the way.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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