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The Challenge: Paulie Calafiore shares why he needs to return to the show, castmate calls out his WOTW brag

paulie calafiore on the challenge war of the worlds season
The Challenge’s Paulie Calafiore during the first War of the Worlds season. Pic credit: Paramount+

The Challenge star Paulie Calafiore has only appeared on three seasons of the show, but is still in search of his first win in a final. He’s been super close, only to come up short in two of his three seasons.

Even though he’s preparing for a different sort of competition, the Winter Olympics, it appears he plans to return to MTV’s competition show again.

In a recent round of fan Q&As, he explained why he will need to return to The Challenge. He also was called out by one of his castmates about a particular bragging point that Paulie forgot about.

Paulie plans to return to The Challenge in future

Since last appearing on MTV’s The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 season, Paulie Calafiore has been enjoying life with his girlfriend and castmate Cara Maria Sorbello. He’s also putting in the work as he prepares for possible competition in bobsledding at the Winter Olympics.

However, he doesn’t appear to have ended his time appearing on The Challenge. Fans often ask about him returning to the reality competition series, and he seems intent on doing so.

During his recent Instagram Q&A, one fan asked why Paulie would return to The Challenge if he’s preparing to be in the Olympics. Paulie replied indicating he has a need for competition, and the Olympics only fill that every so often.

“Olympics are every 4 years. The Challenge films every year. I need my competitive fix, you do the math,” Paulie explained in his IG Story slide’s reply.

paulie calafiore answers fan questions about the challenge
Pic credit: @paulcalafiore_/Instagram Story

Not only does he just have that itch to compete, but he wants to be able to be referred to as a Challenge champion, and not just a one-and-done champ either from the sounds of it.

In another of his Instagram Q&A slides, someone asked him if he would win The Challenge if he ever gets back on.

“I told y’all I’m going back to back 4 in a row,” Paulie reminded fans, something he indicated in a tweet months ago.

paulie calafiore answers question bout winning challenge
Pic credit: @paulcalafiore_/Instagram Story

Interestingly, that fan’s question mentioned “if you ever get back on,” which has been a topic of debate amongst many Challenge fans. Some feel that since his girlfriend Cara Maria doesn’t seem to be getting any calls to go on the show, maybe Paulie won’t either.

That remains to be seen as the Winter Olympics are slated for early February of next year. A 38th season of The Challenge could always be a possibility, barring any injuries or Paulie opting to take time off before he goes from the Olympics to MTV’s competition show.

Paulie’s Challenge castmate called out stats brag

Sometimes fans don’t even ask questions but send in comments for Paulie which he replies to. One fan praised him for “how much he gave” to War of The Worlds season, which was Paulie’s second appearance on The Challenge.

Paulie replied by summing up his accomplishments for that season including that he had the most daily wins in Challenge history by an individual with seven challenges won. He said he nearly broke the team record in the following season but “fell one short.”

In addition, he let fans know he believes he ranks second all-time in terms of Challenge competitors for daily win percentage.

the challenge fan praises paulie for wotw 1 season
Pic credit: @paulcalafiore_/Instagram Story

While not every Challenge star seems to keep their stats memorized or on the forefront of their minds, one of Paulie’s castmates appeared to take notice.

It was none other than two-time Challenge champion Wes Bergmann who let the former Big Brother star know they actually tied with seven daily wins on War of the Worlds.

wes bergmann calls out paulie calafiore for war of the worlds bragging
Pic credit: @paulcalafiore_/Instagram Story

During that WOTW season, Paulie was in the Tribunal seven times thanks to winning daily challenges. Wes was part of the Tribunal six times, and made it to the final, where there was another daily challenge that he won.

Paulie fell short of reaching the final in his second season, as he and castmate Da’Vonne Rogers had last-place performances during the daily challenge, Crash Landing, in Episode 14. That particular challenge was a purge situation, so they were both eliminated from the show just ahead of the final.

It seems if things line up just right, Paulie and Wes could always return for that 38th season to battle it out for further stats brags, although based on previous history, they might also team up to try to get a championship.

The Challenge Season 37 premiere date is TBA for 2021 on MTV.